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Joseph KADOW C/O COLLECTIVEINTEREST ARTIST MGMT photographs the ARC'TERYX Veilance S/S '19 campaign for the agency BEINGHUNTED

Photographer Joseph KADOW c/o COLLECTIVEINTEREST photographed the S/S '19 collection from label Veilance by Arc’teryx, for which creative direction was taken care of in-house by Taka Kasuga together with the lead agency BEINGHUNTED. By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce the name of the label, it’s Arc-Tair-Icks Vay-Lens.

On the BEINGHUNTED. website, we read : “Founded in 2009 under the division of the outdoor Arc’teryx brand, Veilance has pioneered as a brand in the functional fashion segment with its sleek and minimalist designs. The brand philosophy : Technical design is an expression of purpose. It offers climate-control solutions in a system of modular layers through minimalist values and relentless attention to detail.

For S/S 2019, Veilance introduced Fast & Light, a capsule running collection which consists of styles featuring ultra-lightweight, high-performance materials and advanced constructions. To emphasize the product’s easy wearability, the underlying campaign idea for this collection drew inspiration from the areas of kinetics and movement theory. The products were shot on a moving dancer to show the product material in motion.

BEINGHUNTED. supported Veilance in further developing the concept and defining the single aspects around the production – altogether steering the process leading up to as well as during and after the shoot for this product campaign in close cooperation with the Veilance team. The photo and video results were then used globally for the launch.”

Hypebeast has an interview with creative Taka Kasuga for you : &
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Stylist Jessica Klimach & make-up artist Janina Zais are now represented by collectiveinterest

Stylist Jessica Klimach and make-up artist Janina Zais are now represented by collectiveinterest.

Born and raised in Berlin, Jessica Klimach’s creative inspiration was always nurtured by this ever-developing city. During her studies of fashion design, Jessica already started working as a stylist in the areas of fashion, advertising and commercials – and has been doing so ever since. Her style is best described as thoroughly thought-through, clean but rough, and definitely super modern.

Janina Zais was born in Germany and grew up in a family of artists. Janina already developed her own sense of colors and a passion for working with them at a young age. Her special attraction to dancing, and being on stage, led her to spend twelve years of her childhood as a ballet dancer. These influences are key to her amazing make-up styles and artistic face paintings.
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Nina RAASCH C/O COLLECTIVEINTEREST ARTIST MGMT photographed for INTERVIEW as well as for OYSTER magazine

Two new editorials were published by photographer Nina RAASCH C/O COLLECTIVEINTEREST over the past few weeks. Now for the 115th issue of the magazine, Nina Raasch collaborated closely with the OYSTER squad. For the Cucumber Eyes spread, appearing in OYSTER magazine's latest issue 115, she got H&M artist Berenice Ammann and stylist Fabiana Vardaro c/o BASICS.BERLIN on board. The video shot in parallel to the story was filmed and edited by DOP Nathan Ceddia.

For INTERVIEW, au contraire, Nina was in action for the very first time. For this commission, she cast new face Sarah Saxinger from Tigers Management. Working on the spread at Nina's side was stylist Charlotte Gindreau and H&M artist Sabina Pinsone.
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