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news | LAUTEM 'Handmade in Spain' - still life photographer Paloma Rincon c/o COMMON ERA conjures up the perfect settings for the new bag collection 'I Got Rhythm Bag'

More Rhythm, More Colorful, More Fun. Paloma Rincón c/o COMMON ERA photographed the latest bag collection from LAUTEM, the new 'I Got Rhythm Bag'. Paloma also delivered the design of the colorful, Bauhaus-inspired sets.

About :
Lautēm (Lautē - Latin ADV, excellently, elegantly, fashionably) originates from the passion for things well done, the attention to details, the constant search for excellence.They believe that luxury is about feeling special in a globalised world where you see the same models and patterns being repeated. To create their bags, Lautem went to Ubrique, the birthplace of leatherwork in Spain, to look for the best artisans to produce their bags and as a result Lautem products are built to last for many years, not just a season.

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