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b>Continental Productions produces the ICICLE 'MADE IN EARTH' S/S '19 campaign, 'Earthman: Tubuan' with photographer Michal Pudelka and the Papua New Guinea Mask Festival of East New Britain

'The universe is the cycle of life, from season to season, birth to rebirth' – goes the credo of ICICLE. CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS presents the latest campaign 'Earthman: Tubuan' for Chinese fashion label ICICLE that it produced with photographer Michal Pudelka. Creative responsibility was in the hands of CD Simone Bianconcini and Art Director Jean Pierre Busson.

'Starring models Heejung Park and Li Chen photographed by Michal Pudelka, the S/S '19 campaign embodies the MADE IN EARTH philosophy of ICICLE – a caring fashion approach in search of the harmony between humans and nature. Featured in this campaign, the Tolai tribes from Papua New Guinea witness another way to see the world, another way to inhabit the Earth. Through their dance and rituals, they create a dialogue between man and nature, appearing as the invisible thread from which ICICLE’s clothes are made. With special thanks to the Papua New Guinea Mask Festival of East New Britain for helping us discover ancient Tolai traditions.'

ICICLE’s philosophy is MADE IN EARTH, a caring fashion approach in search of the harmony between humans and nature. Our essential wardrobe is made of high-quality natural fabrics and manufactured with environmental conscientiousness. With a minimal, chic and contemporary style, ICICLE celebrates the beauty of nature while meeting the aspirations of the new urban generations, valuing comfort, elegance and ethics. FROM SHANGHAI TO PARIS – originally from SHANGHAI, ICICLE has been paving a new way for global fashion since 1997. The ICICLE brand is a major player when it comes to high-end, ready-to-wear fashion and accessories for women and men, based on a natural fashion philosophy, relying on the natural use of materials, dyes and production methods.
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Révélez votre beauté naturelle... - the spot for 'OENOBIOL - BOOST MINCEUR', produced for Paris-based advertising agency Mazarine by CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS

Director Thiemo Sander and DOP Pierre Edelman filmed the spot presented on GoSee for the client OENOBIOL, founded in 1981 by nutritional scientist Marie Béjot. The spot was produced by CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS for the agency Mazarine with Creative Director Paul Gruber and Art Director Amelie Layrac. Styling: Barbara Loison, hair: Gregory Everingham, make-up: Urgen Braun. Model: Evgeniya Fedoseeva and male model: Paul Steven Sale. GoSee :
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Automobiles CITROEN presents you the SUV C5 AIRCROSS in a spot by Director Julien Rocher - produced by CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS

Inspired by you... Thanks for the new CITROEN SUV C5 AIRCROSS spot go to Director Julien Rocher; production: CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS.

Director Julien Rocher
DOP Manu Bernard and Jean-Baptiste Jay
Client Citroën
Art Director Jean-Luc Gargadennec
Editing Greg Dezecot
Post Production NOD Paris

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