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Cornelia Vogt, Head of Creative Production, Marketing Labs – a division of Universal Music GmbH, is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS Jury, and meet the creative music & artwork pro at UPDATE18BERLIN

We are delighted that Cornelia Vogt, Head of Creative Production, Marketing Labs – a division of Universal Music GmbH, is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS and is coming to UPDATE18BERLIN. The artwork of international celebrities, German musicians and promising new artists goes through her hands and those of her creative team. She cooperates closely with the managers of the artists of the UNIVERSAL MUSIC cosmos in the Berlin Head Office of Universal Music Germany. Here on GoSee, we introduce her in a short interview.

What exactly does your work as Head of Creative Production look like? We combine the creative processes and turn them into a physical product. Collector’s editions, vinyls, digipacks, but also classic advertising such as ads and posters. We realize a total of around 200 shoots per year.

How do you look for and find the photographers, directors and production companies? Our artists are well-networked throughout the scene. Music and photo/video complement one another very well. We meet a lot of people who want to work for us every day. But we also look for specific talent and handpick creatives that suit us.

Your repertoire ranges from Helene Fischer to Clueso and even Rammstein. Do you watch how tastes in music change; can you predict trends? The trend right now is that even a Helene Fischer can be really cool, and fashion photographer Kristian Schuller is also a fan of the German Schlager genre. The artists know exactly what looks good and what quality work is. Plus, the artists have a lot of consultants who check it all for them.

To what extent do you and the brand managers determine the layouts and ideas for the shoots, and how is the artist involved? The artist and manager are always involved from beginning to end. For us, it’s all about representing the musician in the best possible way. They are not models who do this all the time. It’s usually very personal.

Hardly any other business is as complex and yet as fast-paced as the music business: Recognizing, utilizing and developing artistic potential, making the most of marketing and promotional channels... What’s the greatest thing about your job? I have been doing this for over 16 years now, and not a single day, artist or product has ever been the same. Every day, there are new challenges; that's really great.

Just recently at the 'me Convention' in Stockholm, the gist was that the use of music will continue to increase and, in particular, that new technologies such as smart speakers or vehicles which are constantly online will offer new potential. So the music industry is in very good shape at the moment? I think there is still a lot of room on the upside. I think, we’ve only reached 13% in streaming so far. So when everyone has a home speaker and the car is always online, the number will increase. We can hardly wait. Although physical product is said to be dead, we don’t feel it. We have never put out so many different versions and collectibles as we do today.

Want to know more about the Creative Department at UNIVERSAL MUSIC – come to UPDATE and ask Cornelia personally.

UPDATE!8BERLIN, 19 October 2018, Titanic Hotel, Chausseestrasse, Berlin .
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