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news | #26reasons - The A-Z campaign for young bank N26 with photography by ILKA & FRANZ and animation by Cris WIEGANDT and Frank GROLL, all artists c/o COSMOPOLA

“This campaign was such a blast. I can remember sitting at the terrace pool this summer in Soho House wondering how we were going to get it all done on time because Ilka & Franz had already planned a trip, and we needed more days to shoot so many more motifs. 26! Plus photos and film.” says Barbi, CEO at COSMOPOLA. “The solution: shooting in London and Berlin, photos in London with Ilka & Franz and film animations in Berlin with Cris Wiegandt and Frank Groll. I got green light for the job while I was on the beach in Nice... I’ll never forget it! The funniest part was the turtle on the skateboard that marked its territory right before its big appearance...;)!”

N26 is a German direct bank specialized in account management via smartphone. The number 26 goes back to the 26 individual cubes in a Rubik’s cube and to the first address at Unter den Linden 26 in Berlin. As of June 2019, the bank has 3.5 million customers, almost 60 percent of which are younger than 35 years old. N26...

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