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Two people, one heart. Two heads, one vision. Opposites yet the same. We warmly welcome ORDERLY CHAOTIC STUDIO to the COSMOPOLA Family

New at COSMOPOLA are Federica & Alexander Roncaldier, aka ORDERLY CHAOTIC STUDIO, from Berlin and Milan.

“Together, we make fashion, music and commercial videos, short films, moving images and animations. The name of our studio comes from our opposite personalities which fuel our creativity while keeping us balanced. Chaos creates while order makes it happen. We are makers. We come up with fresh concepts. We realize them. We are playful. We love to create a different reality each and every time. We care. We are very hands-on from the very beginning to the end. We like to experiment and combine different techniques (live action, stop-motion animation, 2D animation, photos, and digital art) and to build our own sets, whether out of actual materials or digitally, depending on the idea – all with lots of love and unique aesthetics.”

Their clients include Shiseido, M Missoni, RCS MediaGroup, Rebecca Gioielli, Paladin True Srl, Kessler Gloves, MiAna Accessories, UCM Publishing, Ana Alcazar, Marcell von Berlin, Corriere della Sera Newspaper, IO Donna magazine, Kaltblut magazine, HUF magazine, A/SH magazine, Araldi1930, Ministry of Equal Opportunities of Italy, 114 Emergenza Infanzia, and Verba Agency (DDB world wide).
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'Life happens for you' - Welcome to the family : DENIZ ALACA joins COSMOPOLA and presents works for BLONDE MAG and CUUP lingerie

German photographer and New York City resident DENIZ ALACA is now represented by COSMOPOLA. Her fresh, young style is loved by clients such as Asos, Adidas, Puma, GNTM, Sir the Label, Hugo Boss, Porsche Design, W Magazine, Paper magazine, or Blonde magazine. Among her latest work is a lingerie campaign photographed for CUUP. We introduce Deniz here on GoSee with her portfolio and an Interview.

"I was born and raised in Stuttgart, a town in southern Germany, but my family is Kurdish and Turkish. They are Muslim so I grew up in a pretty conservative household. On the other hand, my friends were Germans, Italians and Europeans so I grew up with both. Sexuality, body image: All these things go hand in hand, but we never really talked about them at home. They just didn’t exist, you know? I got breasts when I was like twelve – big boobs. It was like they popped out. My mom took me to H&M, but their bras didn’t fit me because they only go to a D. I was bigger than that, and I was only twelve! I was never tiny. My girlfriends at school were jealous – ‘you’re so lucky’. But I was so shy, I never really learned how to deal with them. I started getting attention from men, and my parents hadn’t really prepared me for that. It was just confusing. In the pool, at the beach, men would be staring, but I was just a kid – with these boobs...
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'Peace, Love & Ice Cream' - paper props for TOMMY HILFIGER SP19 KIDS by Cris WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA & new showreel on GoSee

For TOMMY HILFIGER SP19 KIDS “Kids rule, OK!”, Cris WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA created paper props which were photographed by Tim Marsella (casting: Hip4Kidz, styling: Camille Lemasson, hair & make-up: Ingrid Boekel, Producer: Marice Hanraets). “As activism is very à la mode these days, I was asked to create a ‘Tiny Protest’: colorful protest signs, a giant donut and a beautifully crafted paper megaphone were all part of the set.” Plus, we present their new showreel here on GoSee.
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