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Advertising, catalogue, press, social media and a TV commercial ... M&P Curtet with Director & Photographer Patrick Curtet realized the complete communication mix including three TV spots for the TOYOTA COROLLA USA campaign, plus an exclusive BTS video for you on GoSee !

Greater than ever – this not only goes for the new TOYOTA COROLLA but also for the creative output of M&P Curtet with mastermind Patrick Curtet behind the camera. For the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, he had the honor of realizing the entire TOYOTA COROLLA campaign – from print to a commercial and everything in between when it comes to image.

In December 2018, he was booked for an entire month to realize the complete communication mix for the TOYOTA COROLLA USA campaign. This included not only the catalogue and press motifs but also photos for the social media channels, ... not to mention the three TV spots we present you here on GoSee. A dream project, as Patrick tells us, and continues, “Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Toyota wanted to have the same style throughout this campaign – and it turned out to be a big success.”

As a small bonus for you, we have an exclusive BTS video for the XXL campaign that makes you imagine how much logistics, organization and bundled know-how are incorporated into such a big project.

About - Patrick Curtet : Initially a sports photographer, then reporter, he gradually opened himself up to the world of transportation while developing a lifestyle and landscape sideline. During these 20 years, he had the chance to evolve in both the press and advertising worlds. While being able to form and manage teams around major projects, he also likes to work in light mode. Meanwhile, he has formed a creative duo with his wife and Art Director Marlyne: M&P CURTET, a photography and director team based in Los Angeles and Paris. Marlyne and Patrick Curtet work in a symbiotic relationship, and their combined talents add a unique depth and quality to their images. Their photographic skills and the emotive resonance of their partnership makes them storytellers with a cinematic vision... and they always relish the challenge of creating a unique and compelling storyline for their clients’ products. Marlyne Curtet graduated from Peninghen Art School in Paris where she studied art and graphic design for five years. She has her own graphic studio DWAIN.
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Photographer and Director Patrick Curtet presents with his personal project 'PONIE 66' yet another modern production in photos and film

'Adventure is at your street corner if you know how to recognize it. Open your eyes, breathe and walk. M&P Curtet once again demonstrate their skills in these short films and the photo series they created to go with it. For this personal project, they shared the day with Chris Motley and Sydney Wiley to capture the mood of the City of Angels...'

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No Limit: Patrick Curtet realized the energy-packed sports & lifestyle series 'JUST...' on the streets of LA – with photography from a single source

“Is there a city with more inspiration than Los Angeles? This city never stops rolling; there is always something happening. Each street or corner is a potential location for a photo or film shoot.” French motion & photography duo MP Curtet has worked in the Californian metropolis for three years now – and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop putting the pedal to the metal anytime soon. They have just produced an energetic sports & lifestyle spread including a dynamic spot.

“The series expresses our vision of 'always staying true to who you are'. With a modern style in a suspended moment in time, there is a cinematographic series of images followed by a short film to show how photo and film can be combined in the same style” the creative duo tells GoSee. 

CREDITS Model: Eva Flores, Wardrobe Stylist: Holly Copeland, Hair & Make-Up: Lucy Crawford, Production: MJ 68 Productions, Art Direction: DWAIN -, Post Production & Editing: DWAIN Axel Bonnot.
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