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news | featured by Patrick Curtet : IN CGI WE TRUST. PATRICK CURTET, Photographer & Director, Paris & LA, presents CGI projects in cooperation with Curve Digital on GoSee - enjoy the ride!

“Just like everyone else, I was frightened when CGI first appeared in our industry nearly 20 years ago. We all thought it would be the end for us as photographers. Two decades later, we live in a changed world and are creating many more photos than in the past. Several of our fellow photographers are no longer in the business, but new streams of media and techniques have emerged at the same time as new ways of telling stories.

CGI is everywhere, and instead of fighting it, I’ve decided to embrace it as a tool. CGI is not the solution; CGI is part of the solution – another way of doing things. The vision is still what makes the difference. After all, you wouldn’t ask a writer to tell you the brand of pencil used.

Nowadays, some images are created fully in CGI and others partially. As creatives, we have to make it part of our thought process so that we can use the best solution possible for our projects. For several years now, we’ve collaborated with Curve Digital to create stunning...

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