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news | featured by GoSee ART : GoSee Loves ... Turner Contemporary presents 'Seaside: Photographed', an exhibition on the relationship between photographers, photography and Britain's beaches from 1850 to today, on the verge of BREXIT

There was a time when the British looked benevolently over the rim of their teacups onto the local shores. They cultivated bathing culture on their own doorstep – before setting out in the 20th century to subdue such picturesque destinations as Ibiza, Majorca or all of Thailand to their touristic fancy. With the exhibition 'Seaside', TURNER CONTEMPORARY takes a look back and perhaps also into an icy but magnificent future on 'sorry, Brits only' beaches around the brave islands in the Atlantic due to the epic BREXIT. 'Seaside: Photographed' is the major exhibition on the relationship between photography and British beaches from 1850 to today, on display through 8 September in Margate.

“The British seaside has always been a metaphor for the state of the nation. Decline and regeneration have become seaside descriptors. The coastal population is a complex one – new sets of urban colonizers repurposing seaside buildings and spaces, visitors, émigrés, retirees, all living alongside...

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