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news | featured by GoSee SHOP : We make sure everyone is happy – editorial content and photos from the GoSeeSHOP are now available via the GoSee NEWS portal

The idea for the GoSeeSHOP platform developed over the years. The GoSee Editorial Office has been, and still is, frequently asked by editors, agencies, readers... how they too can get access to the beautiful photos, captivating illustrations, personal spreads... . Whether for commercial use in the form of a campaign, a website, for an editorial or for private purposes. We have, of course, always passed these inquiries on to our members – but we thought it would be a lot more elegant to do so with a programmed GoSee service.

We decided against founding a stock agency ourselves and thought we would rather provide organizational support. A lot of times, particularly the financial transaction tends to be somewhat complicated for creatives. The GoSeeSHOP platform changes that: An INTERESTED BUYER sends a PURCHASE REQUEST – and the SHOP Owner is free to accept or renegotiate if need be. Once both sides have come to an agreement and GoSee has RECEIVED PAYMENT, the ARTWORK is...

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