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After 'The Wall' now 'The Wave'? The arrival of refugees in Germany – a GoSee look behind the scenes by Herbert Piel. Made in Germany 2.0

Refugees are Europe's No. 1 issue today. Too many, too different, too expensive, … The arguments are not new. But what is the reality behind each individual fate? And who would ever want to trade places? We present you on GoSee a small insight into the German Refugee World 2016. Photographer Herbert Piel was commissioned by the Development Agency Rhineland-Palatinate e.V. to document the arrival of refugees. He was selected because he had previously visited several of the areas devastated by conflict, from which these masses have fled – and continue to do so. Their experiences, what individuals still have to endure, and background information... are what make his sensitive documentary special.

In his photos, the reportage photographer not only sheds light on the arrival of refugees but also on the work of several state offices and various volunteers. Multiple reception facilities for asylum seekers across Rhineland-Palatinate were asked to support Piel on this project and to grant him access to the refugee camps so that he can provide an unembellished account of the status quo.

The photos Piel took with his Leica M Monochrome II camera illustrate the gripping reality of what hundreds of thousands of people, who are no different than you and me, have to deal with while living in refugee reception facilities: Children play and study, adults struggle to remain calm, skeptical teens still manage to appear hopeful for the camera... The makeshift, confined character of the overall situation is seldom focused upon, but is rendered insignificant when looking into the eyes of refugee children, who have born witness to such suffering.

One thing should never be forgotten – none of us would ever leave our families, friends or home voluntarily. And even if it seems like the German culture of welcoming refugees can't reconcile or compensate for the Pan-European policy – every path taken and each project initiated will sooner or later encounter obstacles – all of which have to be overcome. And nobody ever said it would be easy. What the Lady said was: “We can do this.” And the world is still standing on the sidelines. Made in Germany 2.0.
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