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Director & beauty photographer Damien Krisl realizes a commercial for the Austrian Mint Jewelry collection entitled 'Kissed Awake Art Nouveau' with poetic photos and high fashion aesthetic

Paris-based beauty photographer and Director DAMIEN KRISL also realized the new Austrian Mint JEWELRY collection in a poetic TV commercial. He was commissioned by the agency WIRZ. With this new edition of the successful 'Kissed Awake' jewelry collection, Austrian Mint is reviving the era of Jugenstil, the Viennese variation of art nouveau. The artistic imprints are based on designs by Koloman Moser from the Museum of Applied Arts, one of the leaders and co-founders of the Wiener Werkstädte (Viennese Workshops). The pieces are blessed with a touch of nostalgia and bring back the zeitgeist of the fin de siècle.

The Austrian Mint (German: Münze Österreich AG) is famous worldwide for first-class processing of precious metals and the production of coins. As a global player, the company is among the world's elite coin mints. Booked for the commercial was none other than Swiss Director Damien Krisl, who has made a name for himself internationally in the fashion industry. Ads and online communication complement this strongly visual campaign.
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Damien Krisl does direction of the beauty commercial for LANCOME - Advanced Genifique Booster with Taylor Hill for Publicis 133

Director DAMIEN KRISL realized the new commercial for the LANCOME Advanced Genifique Booster with American model Taylor Hill and DOP Simon Chadoir. The agency was Publicis 133 with Creative Director Wilfried Martin and Producer Romain Nougaret from Cadence Films. SFX were taken care of by Shaun c/o ARTEM London.
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Damien Krisl filmed and photographed the GENESIS project for SOLAR magazine, on display soon at Graf Galerie, Paris

Director and photographer DAMIEN KRISL dedicated his work for SOLAR magazine to the first book of Moses, Bereshit in Hebrew and Genesis in ancient Greek. It is the first book in both the Jewish Tanach and the Christian Old Testament and thus the very first book of the two religions. It begins with stories about creation of the world and ends with Jacob's sons' stay in Egypt – and is still considered by many to be the only absolute truth. Damien Krisl's version includes, alongside the obligatory big bang, also a lot of bare skin and a selection of swimwear styled by Fleur Huys. Responsible for set design from Day 1 was Sylvain Cabouat, and DOP was Selim Zouaoui.
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