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NEWS // 05.07.2016 // Urban Touch of Copper! The MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS with photographer David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT for Jung von Matt and an interview on GoSee
// Photographer David MAURER elegantly staged the MERCEDES BENZ E-Class in Chicago. On the team too were Art Director Gereon Stratmann and Senior AD Alexa Petruch from Jung von Matt. In a CHRISTA KLUBERT interview for GoSee, they report on the concept of the campaign and working with David Maurer. Alexa Petruch : “The new E-Class epitomizes the car of the future with its fascinating blend of innovative technology, sustainable drive systems and unparalleled comfort. The 'Urban Touch of Copp…
NEWS // 23.11.2015 // The new BMW Z4 Roadster between traditional and modern. Captured in and around Barcelona by David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT
// BMW Z4 Roadster - a car that combines tradition and modernism; this is exactly what David Maurer impressively depicts in his photos. He bridges the gap between old and new by staging the sporty protagonist in a setting that could barely be richer in tradition: In beautiful Barcelona, he shows the successor of the classic Roadster at its best. Just like the city itself, this dynamic car combines history and innovation into a harmonic picture and invites drivers to enjoy summery days in and around…
NEWS // 25.01.2016 // PORSCHE Service reportage - a glimpse behind the scenes of a status symbol by David Maurer c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT
// "Experts behind the scenes and happy customers all around: This is the impression we get of the Porsche Service experience. In the light-flooded, neat auto shop, the excellently trained technicians offer the customer all kinds of maintenance and repairs that their (or their car’s) heart could desire. Values like quality, flexibility, customer satisfaction and nothing short of perfection are their priority. In addition, the waiting times are kept brief so that this status symbol can ge…
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