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Transportation photographer David Breun presents you his personal work entitled 'Like a G' on GoSee

In the photo spread by DAVID BREUN, the ominous 'G' in the title `Like a G...´ can stand for gangster, for grand (1000 bucks), or depending on your fancy, also for the car: an AMG Mercedes G-Class – world-famous for its iconic design. It was photographed by David Breun at an exciting location with the perfect model to go with it, Simon c/o IZAIO.

The setting was the site of a forest fire south of Berlin. "I went there right after the fire to see it for myself and immediately had the idea of photographing a car there." David Breun tells GoSee. And continues: "It had to be the right car though, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was just perfect. And then the AMG 500, too..." Our OG advice: Get a first impression here on GoSee, and find the complete spread on David Breun's website:
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David Breun photographs a personal project with the Ford Mustang in Cape Town

David BREUN photographed a Ford Mustang in Cape Town. 'Here on GoSee, I present the third and last personal project from my Cape Town sojourn... as always transportation & people. A little city tour with the new Ford Mustang and models Natasha & Jannik."
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David Breun photographs for Drive Now in Berlin – a pool shoot with exciting locations and an international look

David BREUN photographed for Drive Now in Berlin. "This summer, I had the honor of doing a pool shoot in Berlin for Drive Now with 80 motifs for their social media photo pool etc. As soon as I got the brief, I immediately knew that Berlin was the ideal city for the project – with its diverse locations. It doesn't always look like the photos were shot in Germany, which was very important to the client, since Drive Now operates internationally and advertises the images worldwide," David tells GoSee.

Production was taken care of by LUNIK, and the final touches of the motifs for the beauties were in the hands of WAGNERCHIC. The lifestyle photos were retouched by the photographer himself. More photos are available on his website.
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