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David Breun : photographs the fully electric MAZDA MX-30 introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show up front in Ljubljana und Barcelona

MAZDA paves the way for an entirely new experience – a fully electric vehicle with perfect driving characteristics, a spacious interior and state-of-the-art safety systems.

A few weeks ago, transportation specialist DAVID BREUN had the honor of photographing the first fully electric cross-over SUV from MAZDA in Slovenia – more precisely in Ljubljana. Since the show car had not been launched yet and, at the time of the shoot, was not even in Japan, the shoot was realized with CGI. The result is a total of around 40 photos for the launch of the vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, which took place at the end of October.

In Barcelona, David Breun followed up with the shoot of the real vehicle. We present several motifs here on GoSee, and more photos are available on his website. The Mazda MX-30 is the first battery-driven electric vehicle of the prestigious Japanese brand and a crossover SUV (CUV) with center-opening doors and a sloping roofline towards the rear. Price: starting at € 33,990, planned delivery in Germany is in the second half of 2020. GoSee:
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David Breun photographs the Lamborghini URUS in Chile, inspired by the colors and different landscapes of the Atacama desert

'Tom Wolfe hopped on the hippie bus and took the Electric Kool Acid Test...' Together with the guys from recom Munich, DAVID BREUN pushed the doors of perception open a bit to see how a car can be perceived in a different light. To do so, he staged the super Sport Utility Vehicle LAMBORGHINI URUS and its striking silhouette with modern flair. He drew inspiration from the colors and different landscapes of the Atacama desert for the personal transportation project. Further works by the photographer specialized in cars, people & landscape are available on his website and on GoSee.
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David Breun photographs the new electric car model PIECH MARK ZERO for RAMP.SPACE in the Alps and in Zurich. Timeless sports car fascination for the electric future

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2019, the car celebrated its world premiere : the Piëch Mark Zero. The name of the electric two-seater comes from Anton Piëch, a son of former VW boss Ferdinand Piëch. The Piëch Mark Zero combines the highest quality and modern refinement with emotionally and intellectually energizing and inspiring experiences. In January, David Breun already received the commission to shoot a backplate for the PIECH Mark Zero sports car from, the creative minds led by Michael Köckritz.

"Since the purely electric car comes from Switzerland, the decision to drive through the Swiss Alps and to Zurich was natural. On the mountain, we it was minus 17 degrees and sunny, in the city Plus 4 and drizzling, which you can't really tell from the photos. Rendering and post production were taken care of by Mackevision," the photographer tells GoSee.

Piëch Automotive is based in Zurich and Munich. At the heart of the corporate strategy is a modular platform with the goal of building up to 60 model variants in addition to the Mark Zero as well as autonomous driving.

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