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'ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE – GROWING UP', appearing at the Cap Rouge Gallery Vienna and now available via Anatol's wonderful GoSeeSHOP

Constant growth is an inevitable part of our being. Whatever we do, wherever we are, we are driven to grow. This has to be one of our major targets in life. Sometimes we feel very strongly, we have grown out of a certain world. Still we disavow, we try to avoid the pain of leaving something behind. Still we know: without separating from the old, we cannot open the door to the new. The doll house around the protagonist in ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE's art series symbolizes the world she has grown out of and she is not yet ready to leave. Her lackadaisical looks, sitting in the living room next to the fireplace, her books too small, her chairs way too little - and her yearning gaze out of the kitchen window – symbolize her upcoming escape.

The GROWING UP series is meant as an appeal to the viewer to leave the world he has grown out of, to step into his new self – in a proud, brave and courageous way. GROWING UP will be on display at the new Cap Rouge Gallery Vienna in spring 2019 and can be purchased in the GoSeeSHOP of ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE.

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Susanne Stemmer, Klaudia Pock, Norbert Horvath, Elvira Weidinger & Anatol de Cap Rouge present their works : ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE opens the CAP ROUGE GALLERY in Vienna, the Opening was on 26 April, 2018 – We says Go & See!

Anatol de Cap Rouge – photographer, provocateur, globetrotter – opened a new gallery in Vienna: the CAP ROUGE GALLERY. For the very first exhibition opening, Anatol presents selected works of its dreamy and colorful 'Dream World' series at the gallery.

The CAP ROUGE GALLERY is more than just another exhibition place – it is an idea. Founded by Anatol de Cap Rouge – an artist himself - it reflects the founder´s attitude towards relationships, his view on art and the way he works. Thus Cap Rouge Gallery is an open playground for himself and his friends regardless of styles, techniques or fame. So we find the internationally acknowledged photographer Susanne Stemmer next to newcomer Klaudia Pock and her oil portraits or Norbert Horvath, well-known illustrator and his aquarelle series with Elvira Weidinger and her travelling illustrations. And of course Anatol de Cap Rouge contributes some of his works, too.

With the first exhibition on 26 April, the Cap Rouge Gallery features five artists:

Anatol de Cap Rouge – is a globetrotter. His professional career as well as his Romanian-French parents have led and still lead him around the globe – constant change of residence have marked his years as a youth. Since his earliest childhood, he has found in his colorful dream worlds an adequate counterpart to the unsteady circumstances of his life and an escape from the expectations and requirements his family imposed on him. His dream worlds became a very important reality - something he could take with him wherever he was forced to move. With his art, Anatol de Cap Rouge found an instrument to open the curtains and show his dream worlds to a greater audience. THE DREAM SERIES is his first series in art. Welcome to Anatol‘s Worlds.

Susanne Stemmer – Specialized in underwater photography, the artist Susanne Stemmer examines the changes that human beings experience after their immersion through the surface. The characters illustrated in her works are free and boundless as soon as they immerse. A physical freedom with the imaginary loss of gravity as well as mental freedom, abandoning their image having the feeling nobody is watching them - finally being able to release themselves from all conventions and drop the mask they are wearing in society. This marks the beginning of an inner journey into a world of self-discovery and the rediscovery of long-forgotten freedom – photographed and still resembling an imaginary painting.

Elvira Weidinger – is a travel addict and illustrator. According to Tripadvisor, she approximately travelled 30% of the earth. Some moments she caught with her camera walking through this beautiful world inspired her to this illustration series.

Klaudia Pock – Beauty begins with passion. Passion for the object, the scene, the people. Created from this passion are society mavericks, traditionally clad couples, sassy girls, and Peter Pans. An eclectic world of smart characters and exciting situations. The principle: the spectrum of primary colors, excitingly mixed and worn with obsession on the canvas. For a beautiful world and unique scenarios.

Norbert Horvath
– Norbert Horvath has made a name for himself as art director and illustrator. Besides his passion for graphic design, he also loves music. He is the co-founder of the DJ collective "Dolce Amaro", which spoils its die-hard fanbase with a handpicked selection of Schlager music. His watercolor illustrations give artists a platform to create unforgettable evenings.

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Anatol De Cap Rouge – colorful and visually stunning GoSee-SHOP opening

Anatol De Cap Rouge, a name reminiscent of the sea, adventure, the gentle charm of the old school. We are pleased to open our GoSee SHOP platform with this photographer full of imagination. We present several works right here, and more in his beautiful GoSee SHOP. And it's this way to his new rocking horse GoSee CHRISTMAS PROMOTIONAL motif, which is waving its charming flag in various high-end magazines as an ad for GoSee.

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