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news | GoSee Tip : Today I Feel... The Alphabet of Emotions, a lovingly illustrated children's book by Portuguese illustrator Madalena Moniz, appearing at Swiss MIDAS Publishing

'Today I Feel...' is a nicely illustrated alphabet of emotions. Each page contains a letter which fits a feeling – for instance, G for grumpy, N for nervous or S for strong. The watercolor illustrations by Madalena Moniz follow a child through its entire world of emotions and have a strong emotional presence. Just like in the real world, not all feelings are positive and not all are equally simple, but they are honest and they are worth talking about with a child.

"The idea of creating an alphabet book about feelings came up during my final year at university in Bristol. The challenge was to create a different kind of alphabet book – unlike the usual kind. I developed the book for a university project and gave it the title: ‘Manu is feeling… from A to Z’," the illustrator tells us about her work.

About - Madalena Moniz studied illustration at the School of Creative Arts (University of the West of England) in Bristol, and now works in Lisbon as a communications designer and...

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