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Hej, Paris – IKEA congratulates on the 20-year anniversary of Parisian concept store COLETTE with a fine selection of international illustrators – we met up with HELL'O from Brussels during a live painting session

Paris concept store COLETTE has its 20th anniversary and celebrates it with an IKEA Art Collection. Twelve international artists designed a poster for the limited edition. On the top floor of its stores, IKEA presents from 20 March the unusual cooperation in a pop-up studio and invites selected artists to paint live.

It kicked off with Brussel-based creative duo HELL'O, aka Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille, with their work 'We Are One', whom we met at the signing session.  “The idea was to create a mix between humans and animals in a positive way, to paint a character built from several funny heads. This is painted in a very colorful set with a lot of patterns influenced by a combination of African tribal, Memphis design and pop culture. We try to translate and merge our separate visions into the same drawing. Most importantly, we hope it makes you smile.”

The beautifully illustrated prints are also on high-quality paper and come in a limited art box packaging – plus every limited poster is available in the equally limited IKEA bag. Instead of yellow and blue, it radiates in Colette colors – white with blue polka dots. The posters are also available at IKEA from April.

Hell’O is made up of two outstanding artistic talents who emerged almost twenty years ago in Brussels. Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille have produced an astonishing array of drawings featuring creatures which may at first seem graphically pleasing and simply imaginative, but which on closer examination often reveal profound symbolism.

Here on GoSee, we bring you several photos and further works from HELL'O. Further information is available from Colette, and here is the program for you:

Hell’o 20 – 22 March : Hell’O is made up of two outstanding artistic talents who emerged almost twenty years ago in Brussels. Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille have produced an astonishing array of drawings featuring creatures which may at first seem graphically pleasing and simply imaginative, but which on closer examination often reveal profound symbolism.

Kevin Lyons 23 – 25 March : Kevin Lyons is an illustrator, designer and creative director renowned for his trademark artistic Monsters. His background includes work for some of the world’s most visually progressive companies, including market leaders such as Nike, Converse, Adidas, Google TV and now, IKEA.

Amandine Urruty 27– 29 March : Amandine Urruty is a French-born master of traditional drawing known for her ability to create cheerful galleries of deviant beasts.

Amit Greenberg 30 March – 1 April : Amit Greenberg’s work seeks to channel what he calls ‘the energy from nature around us’ into his art. Using a variety of media, Amit expresses his desire to alter reality into a fantastic place.
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Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam presents 'SLEBS', an exhibition showcasing works of London-based artist & illustrator Dan Jamieson – don't miss the vernissage on 12 May, 2016

Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, presents the exhibition 'SLEBS' showcasing humorous works of London-based artist & illustrator Dan Jamieson. It will all be celebrated at the opening on 12 May in the agency rooms, and creatives from the agency and the entire city are expected who will meet up with icons such as Aubergene Hackman, Dolly Partyon or Porn Connery. The agency on the works: “Dan's portraits of icons in contemporary culture peel back the layers of celebrity to reveal a humorous observation of their character. His artistic style adopts a blend of naivety, accuracy, repetitive patterns, and frenetic mark making. The artwork often incorporates a narrative commentary with scrawled text, gently puncturing the bubble of celebrity. For 'SLEBS', he presents a body of entirely brand new works and prints including a series of 'Dutch Masters' pieces. He invites you to laugh, point and stare.”

We asked the illustrator and wanted to find out what awaits us: “SLEBS stands for celebs, which is short for celebrities – my work mainly centers around celebrity – I have a keen interest in the notion of celebrity and feel that everyone has someone that they have some sort of interest in. The Dutch Masters series will feature my take on a host of Dutch artists and soccer players, celebs in their own right.”

And how the cooperation with the agency came about? “The idea for the exhibition came through the PR director and friend at WK Amsterdam, Claire Beesley, after she had invited me to take part in an art campaign for W+K Amsterdam in December. She and Maud Klarenbeek at W+K pitched my proposal and the exhibition was born from there.”

Of coarse we wanted to find out more about Dan's background: “I studied at Camberwell College of Arts and have been working on and off as an artist ever since. I am represented by JAMM gallery and Broth Art, both situated in London. They have been amazing in promoting and backing my work, helping it reach a wider audience. I also assist the amazing collage artist Peter Clark. I am very fortunate to work alongside him and his equally amazing artist wife, Karen Nicol, who have been so encouraging and influential, kicking me up the backside to push on with my own practice. I exhibit periodically with JAMM and Broth through exhibitions and art fairs and keep busy with private commissions and commercial projects – my favourites being CRATE brewery, who I design their new monthly can range for.”

'SLEBS' at Wieden + Kennedy,  Herengracht 258, 1016 Amsterdam (12 May through 15 June), and in parallel, works are also presented in: 'SLEBS + SOMETHINGS' with BROTH ART, L'entrepot, 230 Dalston Lane, E8 1LA London (private viewing: Thursday, 19 May 7 – 9pm / ALL WELCOME)
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Raban Ruddigkeit publishes »Rapport« and exhibits »Ramix«. Rapport presents Raban Ruddigkeit from 1988 – 2013 with a foreword by Lars Harmsen and additional writing and interviews

Freistil editor and blogger Raban Ruddigkeit also works as a graphic designer on the side. A book about his work is out now and an exhibition has opened at Supermarkt Berlin, which sees other designers remix his designs.

In 1988 Raban Ruddigkeit designed »Messitsch« the first and last Eastern Germany fanzine. Afterwards he worked as a graphic designer for magazines, publishers and cultural institutions for ten years. After an additional ten years working as an art director in advertising (for Scholz & Friends and Jung von Matt amongst others) he opened his own studio in Berlin in 2009. Ever since its launch it has created some of the best work in advertising and design – strong concepts carried out with great precision.

In celebration of this ¶ Pilcrow Print & Publishing have published his monograph. Work from the ‘80s to today is spread across 280 pages packed with logos, posters, campaigns and magazine designs. Alexander Egger, whose designs have won countless awards in Germany and abroad, designed the book. Thanks to him »Rapport« isn’t just a retrospective, it is also fun to look at because of its extraordinary design.

»Rapport« is all about graphs and reports. However, it actually stems from the French word for relationship. And Raban Ruddigkeit’s work is very certainly about these relationships. The relationships with his staff and colleagues, with his clients and the public. After all, communication is never created for media, it is for people. It presents award-winning designs for Transmediale, Code – Unesco Citys of Design and Help Japan.

»Ramix« the exhibition coincides with the publication of his book. It sees designers remix Raban Ruddigkeit’s work, offering up new and different reinterpretations. Artists include Lea Brousse, Emilia Forstreuther, Alexander Branczyk, Mario Lombardo, Lars Harmsen, Boris Bonev, Michael Schirner, Fredrik Skatar, Boris Hoppek and Rocket & Wink. The exhibition opens with a private view on 31 August starting at 7pm and closes 28 September.

Ramix – Raban Ruddigkeit remixed
by artists including Alexander Branczyk, Lars Harmsen, Boris Hoppek, Mario Lombardo, Rocket & Wink
31.08. – 28.09.2013 Supermarkt Berlin, Brunnenstrasse 69, PV on 31.08. at 7pm with live music by Barnaby Tree. Exhibition poster by Boris Bonev using Raban Ruddigkeit’s logos.

Rapport – Raban Ruddigkeit 1988 – 2013

with a foreword by Lars Harmsen and additional writing and interviews

Design: Alexander Egger
Editors: Lars Harmsen, Alexander Egger & Raban Ruddigkeit
Publisher: ¶ Pilcrow Print & Publishing
Publication date: September 2013
Pages: 280
Format: 16,3 x 22,5 cm,
Language: German,
RRP: 39,80 Euro / subscription price €34,80
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