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news | Double T Photographers : Porsche Special with tennis player Angelique Kerber and Ex-Formel 1 driver Mark Webber, new entry Calle Hackenberg (Food & Stills), editorials for 7Hues mag, and Latest magazine

CALLE HACKENBERG, food and still photographer from Hamburg, is now represented by DOUBLE-T. Conscious irritation is an essential part of his work, according to the creative, whose portfolio we present here on GoSee. What he exactly means with irritation, he explains to us: "Every object has its own aesthetic, which I capture, interpret and show in a new way. Confrontation with the object itself is at the center of my work. In several of my photographs, classic interpretation is dissolved and a new context, at times even an entirely different content, is constructed. This includes the creation and design of a new domain. In combination with concious reduction, the impression of the object is changed – the object is strongly idealized or presented to the viewer from an unfamiliar perspective. "

Det KEMPKE published two editorials with Karina Asmus c/o Kult Artists (hair & make-up) and Stylist Nathalie from Gordon Styling for 7Hues and Latest Magazine.

Alexander BABIC...

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