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'Shadow & Light' - contemporary dance in an expressive dialog with raw concrete - the editorial and film by Philipp Bruederle c/o DOUBLE-T PHOTOGRAPHERS

For S Magazine, Philipp Bruederle photographed dancer Anne Jung. The black & white photo series is complemented by a film which additionally emphasizes the contrast between the flowing movements of the dancer and the monumental architecture (STYLING: Mascha Möller, HAIR & MAKE-UP: Nadine Thoma, PHOTO ASSISTANT: Max Bastian, POST PRODUCTION: Julian Jankowski).

Here's an exerpt from the interview with the photographer... What does "Shadow & Light" convey? "A feeling... Particularly when it comes to contemporary dance, many try to understand what they are seeing. Some things need not be understood, they must be felt. Anne and I understand the environment as a space which we explore together. However, it must be a space which can withstand her power and charisma. And with which she can build a dialogue." And what role do moving images play in his photography? "I understand both areas to be fundamentally different and, somehow, akin to one another. Cinematic work requires a completely different creative process, a process which gives me an even deeper understanding of photography..."

The whole spread is available via S MAGAZINE.
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'We give you tailwind' - the TARGOBANK brand campaign with motifs by Sven Heinrich c/o Double T Photographers

With the claim "We give you tailwind", the bank launched its first major brand campaign in five years. Sven Heinrich c/o Double T Photographers shot motifs for the poster campaign and the website (creation: Brand Lounge, production: E+P).
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The OLSEN lookbook & influencer Karla Kuhlm as the face of yoga apparel label Hati Hati - photographed by Verena Knemeyer c/o Double T Photographers

For the new Olsen lookbook, Verena Knemeyer photographed in Hamburg's Hafenstudio.

Influencer Karla Kuhlm is the new face of the latest collection from yoga apparel label Hati Hati. She was photographed by Verena Knemeyer. Hati Hati is Indonesian and translates roughly to watch your heart, watch out or be careful. A basic principle consistent throughout the philosophy of the small label. The entire Hati Hati collection consists exclusively of organic and sustainably produced fabrics. It is not produced in large sewing shops but in a small family business in Bali.
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