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Double T Photographers : Porsche Special with tennis player Angelique Kerber and Ex-Formel 1 driver Mark Webber, new entry Calle Hackenberg (Food & Stills), editorials for 7Hues mag, and Latest magazine

CALLE HACKENBERG, food and still photographer from Hamburg, is now represented by DOUBLE-T. Conscious irritation is an essential part of his work, according to the creative, whose portfolio we present here on GoSee. What he exactly means with irritation, he explains to us: "Every object has its own aesthetic, which I capture, interpret and show in a new way. Confrontation with the object itself is at the center of my work. In several of my photographs, classic interpretation is dissolved and a new context, at times even an entirely different content, is constructed. This includes the creation and design of a new domain. In combination with concious reduction, the impression of the object is changed – the object is strongly idealized or presented to the viewer from an unfamiliar perspective. "

Det KEMPKE published two editorials with Karina Asmus c/o Kult Artists (hair & make-up) and Stylist Nathalie from Gordon Styling for 7Hues and Latest Magazine.

Alexander BABIC photographed a Porsche 911 (model 992) for Christophers Magazine No. 389 at the Munich airport together with world-class tennis player Angelique Kerber and ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber. See the video on Vimeo.
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Ballet ensemble photographed by Philip Bruederle c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

His latest personal work led Philip Bruederle to the Koblenz Theater, where he photographed the ballet ensemble directed by Steffen Fuchs. The gloomy, melancholy footage provides insight into what goes on in the theater before the audience comes to the evening performance: the dancers, the architecture; everything shot from unusual perspectives with attention to detail.
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Stills for essen&trinken Spezial and Salon magazine by Marie-Therese Cramer c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

For her personal work on the topic of coffee, Marie-Therese Cramer was supported by her own agency. The paper artist, also represented by Double T photographers, contributed a folded work. Styling was taken care of by Isabel de la Fuente.

Super berries for salon magazine. The dark background, the interplay of colors and light are reminiscent of Old Masters. Together with food stylist Marion Swoboda, Marie-Therese Cramer tastefully staged what the local berry market has to offer.

For essen&trinken Spezial, Marie-Therese Cramer photographed on the topic of low carb. Food styling was in the hands of Achim Elmer and Kay-Hennef Menge.
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