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News // 123 News by Double T Photographers

Fishfingers TVC for VANTASTIC FOODS with food directing by Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T for DIGGA Productions

Hoist the sails, the Vantastic Fish Fingers are coming! Because these vegan delicacies are embarking on a big culinary journey. Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T was in charge of food directing for the new TVC of VANTASTIC FOODS (DOP: Konstantin Tanner, Production: DIGGA Productions with Producer Tim Näve, Foodstyling: Lukas Baseda, Director: Dire Frieder Dillmann).
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‘The Silence After’ Charlotte Claussen in front of the camera of Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T for 7 HUES MAGAZINE

Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T photographed ‘The Silence After’ with the talented Charlotte Claussen for 7 HUES MAGAZINE. The beauty look was taken care of by Karina Asmus, with styling and production by Nathalie von Gordon.
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‘Handmade Bread’ – the fine art of sourdough bread – personal project by food & stills photographer Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T

Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T photographed ‘Handmade Bread’ – sourdough and brown bread made with different wheat and rye blends. Foodstylist Mattia Risaliti also doubled as a baking model for the camera. “Food is the most powerful thing that connects us to our culture, tradition and memories.”goes the motto of Mattia. Styling was taken care of by Meike Stüber.
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