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LOROSO, kids newcomer label from Germany, presents his first girl's collection for Fall/Winter 2019/20 with photos by Sabine Duerichen

SABINE DUERICHEN just photographed for LOROSO, the new fresh and young newcomer kids label from Germany. Young designer Alena Römer founded children's fashion label Loroso. The new premium fashion brand wants to conquer Germany with elegance and high quality. Glossy magazine Childhood Business just interviewed Alena Römer and spoke with her about her new label Loroso.

LOROSO is a German fashion label for high-quality children's clothing, which now presents its first girl's collection for Fall/Winter 2019/20. LOROSO sees itself positioned in the high-end premium segment. The collection size consists of around 20 models for girls between the ages of three and twelve. Each model is adorned with special craftsmanship details. GoSee:
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'Out of the Dark' – Sabine Duerichen photographs for CHILDHOOD BUSINESS magazine at SKYLOFTSTUDIO Munich

Magazines Childhood Business and Childhood Shoes are brought to you by publishing company Habitude Deutschland GmbH, which offers special services in the areas of photography, market data, social media, and PR. In 2018, Sabine Duerichen presented an exclusive spread entitled "Glorious Glam, all White" for the magazine Childhood Business. Created this time was yet another particularly creative fashion spread. "After WHITE comes BLACK." Sabine tells GoSee.

Luxurious fashion labels were staged with cool flair by Sabine Duerichen and her Munich team. "Special thanks go to the great models big and small: Scarlet, Joy, Ananda, Selina, Isabel, and Leopold!" Photos were shot at the no less luxurious SKYLOFTSTUDIO, Munich. Go & See!
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'Graphic Flowers' in BURDA Style – photographed by SABINE DUERICHEN c/o KRISTINA KORB

SABINE DUERICHEN photographed model Hanna Muth for the 'Graphic Flowers' fashion line of the BURDA Style 03/2018 issue, for which floral and checked patterns in black, white & yellow were skillfully combined – and given a modern makeover through straight and figure-hugging cuts. Go & See & Do it yourself:
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