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‘Choose what’s next...’ - Jana Edisonga photographs BMW X1 ACCESSORIES against a sandy backdrop in Portugal

For a face-lift of the BMW X1 and the beautiful accessories to go with it, a day-long shoot took place in the greater Lisbon area – with JANA EDISONGA. While shooting the film, produced by Embassy of Dreams, Jana and her team made the most out of the ‘breaks’ to produce the campaign motifs along with a pool of wonderful side shots.

The story told in the film and photos is that of three friends who embark on a road trip to a secret festival somewhere in the middle of nowhere. “For what we had in mind, the sandy landscapes and dusty gravel roads in Portugal were really the best bet.” Jana is thrilled to tell GoSee. The executive agency was Serviceplan.

The BMW X1 is a compact SUV from BMW which has been sold since 2009 and has been on the market since 2015 in its second generation. In that same year, this model was honored with the Golden Steering Wheel in the category Midsized SUV. GoSee:
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‘Good – without compromise...’ – JANA EDISONGA photographs the VW ECONOMY SERVICE campaign

‘Uncompromisingly good, uncompromisingly affordable – for all VOLKSWAGEN cars older than four years’ is the title of the VW ECONOMY SERVICE campaign, which was photographed on two days of shooting by JANA EDISONGA.

The CI color red plays, next to the protagonists with a cool & modern look, the second lead role. Background: The brief was to give the topic of Service a new character and the attention it deserves with the new VW Vibrant Power brand design, strong personalities and cool fashion styles. Executive agency was DDB - VOLTAGE Berlin, styling: Alexandra Heckel.

Volkswagen is further expanding its new Economy Service platform in Germany on a broad scale: In the process, the partner network of today with around 300 subsidiaries will be expanded to 400. Volkswagen Economy Service is custom-made for customers with vehicles more than four years old and offers affordable solutions to frequently required services such as repairing stone damage or flat tires. A comprehensive marketing campaign accompanying the expansion has now been launched.

“The Economy Service offers Volkswagen quality at an affordable price to customers with vehicles older than four years – and interest among customers and partner companies is great. Which is why we are continuing to expand our platform: By the end of the year, more than 400 Volkswagen partners will offer the Economy Service, making these companies even more attractive to their customers,” says Jan Bures, Head of Service in Germany of the Volkswagen brand.

With a cross-media marketing campaign, Volkswagen accompanies the expansion of the new service brand. Its slogan: “Because little things are supposed to cost only a little money.” What’s meant are typical repairs, such as stone damage or flat tires. With its Economy Service, Volkswagen offers tailor-made, affordable solutions.

The main focus of the Volkswagen Economy Service is on replacement parts, inspections and vehicle checks, wheels/tires, Volkswagen Clever Repair, and glass repair service. Further information:
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featured by NEVEREST GmbH & Co. KG : BMW Aftersales shoot on the topic of Service with photographer Jana Gumprecht and the Art Buying team from NEVEREST

For BMW Aftersales, the Art Buying team from NEVEREST realized the shoots, among others on the topic of Service with Jana Gumprecht c/o Bransch. The agency was Serviceplan Campaign with Creative Director Sandra Loibl.

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