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'MAXIMUM SHADOW MINIMAL LIGHT' by Gustavo Minas, Master of Light – an exhibition at the Freelens Gallery, Hamburg and a book publication at Edition Lammerhuber

Multiple award-winning Brazilian photographer Gustavo Minas makes discoveries where everything seems to be known already. On the streets of Brazil, the Master of Light and Ahadows subtly turns his gaze on the everyday and the unspectacular and creates a new world with his visual language.

Gustavo Minas studied photography with Carlos Moreira, a classic street photographer from São Paulo. Moreira introduced him to the work of Harry Gruyaert and Gueorgui Pinkhassov. “I wanted this light and these colors for myself, so I hunted for them in the streets of São Paulo, in my home town of Cássia and recently in Brasilia, where I moved to in 2014. Over the years I became more and more obsessed and passionate.

The city fascinated me every day like a new girlfriend. I had no preconceived ideas. I was interested in everything from garbage cans to all the sleepy people riding the bus to their offices. In a certain light, nothing looked normal. I have been to places I would never have come to if I did not take photographs. Strolling with an empty mind has taught me the joy of seeing.”

GUSTAVO MINAS was born in 1981 in Cássia, Brazil. He studied journalism at the University of Londrina and photography with Carlos Moreira. Since 2009, he has been photographing everyday life in the cities where he lives. He is now working as a journalist and freelance photographer. In 2017, his work "Bus Station" won the POY Latam Prize in the category "Future of the Cities". In the same year, Gustavo had the honor of being included in a collection of "100 Great Street Photographs" curated by David Gibson.


FREELENS Gallery, Alter Steinweg 15, 20459 Hamburg
23 May thru 8 August, 2019, Opening on 23 May at 7pm with Gustavo Minas attending

17 x 23.5 cm, 192 pages, 95 photos
English, Portuguese, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-903101-47-0, EUR 49.90
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EDITION LAMMERHUBER: In ORT DER VERHEISSUNG, photographer Jakob Schnetz documents expo center Germany from an analytical and artistic perspective

 2 750 000 square meters of exhibition space, 23 000 000 000 euros turnover, 10 million visitors, more than 170 supra-regional fairs a year – Germany is the world’s major location for fairs. “What was published here as a compact series is the result of a photographic approach to the abstract theme of the "market" shown with the example of the trade fair and the search for photographic means of voicing critique. This process was a continuous companion during my studies of photography from 2013 to 2017 at the University of Hannover, located in the immediate vicinity of the largest exhibition center in the world," Jakob Schnetz tells us about his photo project.

In ORT DER VERHEISSUNG, photographer Jakob Schnetz turns his analytical and artistic gaze towards this very special exterritorial world.

“Marketing is worshipping the customer”, says Swiss trend researcher David Bosshart. Expressed in numbers, this means that the largest cathedrals to the world of goods are located in Germany: Across 2 750 000 m2 of trade fair halls, the latest products are presented, the most efficient services promoted and the best know-how is marketed. Fairs are events with a maximum concentration of supply and demand within the smallest possible space in minimum time. Fairs reflect a globalized and consumption-oriented service provider society. There are fairs for any interest group: weapons, erotica, pets, art, babies, jewelry, IT, tourism, cars, etc. The site of perfect marketing is determined by standardized settings, live shows and a fierce battle for customers. Jakob Schnetz researched this very special world with an analytical mind and captured it with empathy.

JAKOB SCHNETZ was born in Freiburg/Breisgau in 1991. In 2012, he started studying photo journalism and documentary photography at Hochschule Hannover. In addition to commissioned work, Jakob Schnetz embarks on personal, long-term projects that explore and question social rituals, political conflicts and economics. His works have received multiple awards, been on display and published worldwide. He lives and works in Münster.

17 x 23.5 cm, 112 pages, 70 photos, German, hardcover, ISBN 978-3-903101-44-9, EUR 39.90
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Edition Lammerhuber presents an up-close look at the art of conducting in the book 'CHRISTIAN THIELEMANN Conducting'

At the end of a 10-year project, a very special work on the art of conducting was published in time for Christian Thielemann’s 60th birthday. Images join words in a testimony to the truth and intimate intensity of conducting. They convey the meticulousness as well as the spontaneity and passion of rehearsal work.

Clemens Trautmann, Lois Lammerhuber
27 x 27 cm, 318 pages, 258 photos, English, German, hardcover,  bound in linen, French fold jacket
ISBN 978-3-903101-09-8, EUR 99.-
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