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Edition Lammerhuber : delights in a cornucopia of awards at the Festival 'LA GACILLY-BADEN PHOTO' and presents you its 2018 Festival catalogue on GoSee

"The quality of the photographs has enhanced public space." This is how a citizen of Baden expressed her enthusiasm for the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo in mid-August and summed up what the exhibitions on I LOVE AFRICA have achieved. On display at a huge open-air gallery in Baden near Vienna from 8 June to 30 September during the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo was the who’s who of photography – brought together under the theme I LOVE AFRICA. It attracted 189 258 visitors. Besides euphoric visitor reactions, the largest photo festival in Europe has already received three important awards: the Austrian Event Award 2018, the Maecenas Austria and Maecenas Lower Austria 2018.

34 photographers from 15 countries took part in the festival. The aesthetic magic of 2000 photographs on screens of up to 300 m² in size transformed the parks, streets and squares of Baden into a 'city of pictures' on a stretch of 4.5 km. Between Josefsplatz and Strandbad, photography and garden design merged into an enchanting open-air gallery. Admission free of charge. Four months long.

The energy of the festival draws on two main aspects: geography and environment. First, the pictures highlight one country – in 2018, the photographs, mainly from African portrait studios, talk about the dreams of people living in sub-Saharan Africa. Second, longer-term reportages tell us about moving relationships between humans and animals. In addition, schools in Lower Austria participated in the photo festival with their photos shown in an exhibition.

By conveying in photographs urgent environmental issues as well as the beauty of our planet, the festival stands for the human desire for peace and the good life. Events throughout the four months of the festival take the form of conversations with artists, workshops, theater productions and guided tours through the exhibitions.

Of great importance to the initiators is the EU-political dimension: From the cooperation between the city of Baden, situated on the eastern rim of Central Europe, and the photo festival in La Gacilly, situated on the western rim of Brittany, a pan-European spirit and joint effort emerges. The festival will be held annually in cooperation with the Festival La Gacilly Photo with a different theme each year. It is currently planned for five years.

A Few Facts & Figures
- 189 258 people visited the festival.
- 89.51% came from Austria and 10.49% from abroad.
- 4 716 000 euros estimated value was generated by day tourism.
- 1 165 000 euros estimated value was generated by overnight stay tourism.
- 1.3 million euros of publicity value was generated by the photo festival via 247 appearances in the media – with 2.2 publications on average per festival day.

The festival has received the following rewards: 
AUSTRIAN EVENT AWARD 2018 – Gold in the category Public Events Charity / Social / Cultural (P2P)

MAECENAS AUSTRIA – main award in the category Special Award, Art & Culture for Cultural Institutions“

MAECENAS LOWER AUSTRIA 2018 – Artist Recognition Award in the category Special Award, Art & Culture

I LOVE AFRICA, the 2018 festival catalogue was published by Edition Lammerhuber. German/English; 17 x 23 cm; 260 pages; softcover; € 14.90. -

I LOVE AFRICA will be followed by HYMNE AN DIE ERDE (Hymn to the Earth) on 1 June thru 30 September 2019. For the 15th Anniversary of our partner festival La Gacilly, the curators have chosen The World as its theme. Contemporary photography is used to describe the state of the Earth, its unique beauty as well as the dangers that threaten the blue planet and humanity. Photographic observations range from Thomas Pesquet's impressions of the Earth, which he orbited as an astronaut for 196 days at the International Space Station (ISS), to Spike Walker's million-fold magnifications of life as seen under the microscope. "From my spaceship, I had the best possible place to observe the Earth," Thomas Pesquet says enthusiastically – "its beauty with all its treasures, but also its vulnerability".

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo . 1 June thru 30 September, 2019 . Baden near Vienna. Opening hours: 24 hours. Admission to the festival is free of charge. Contact: Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo. Dumbagasse 9, A-2500 Baden. Phone: +43 2252 42269 .
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I LOVE AFRICA – Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo still on thru 30 September in Baden near Vienna with 36 exhibitions including an open-air gallery, 2000 large-format photos and key notes, presented by Edition Lammerhuber on GoSee

As part of Europe's largest photo festival, the who's who of photography – from Seydou Keïta, Malick Sidibé to Brent Stirton, from Omar Victor Diop to Elliott Erwitt – presents fascinating imagery in a huge open-air gallery themed upon I LOVE AFRICA. 36 exhibitions with 2000 large-format photos, some of which up to 300 square meters in size, turn the gardens, alleyways and squares of Baden into a city of photography over a length of 4 kilometers for four months.

Public space becomes the stage for a synthesis of the arts, in which photographic art, horticulture and the landscape all come together. The festival’s energy is nurtured by two highlights: geography and the environment. The spotlight of the world’s most famous photographers is on a country, and in 2018, on a continent – where particularly images from African portrait studios tell about the dreams of people who live south of the Sahara.

On the other side, long-term reportages tell about the touching and surprising relationships between humans and animals. Paired with an artistic and photographic perspective of urgent environmental issues as well as the beauty of our world and existence, the festival stands for the search of humans for peace and a successful life.

This annual festival was created in 2004 by Jacques Rocher, the president of the Yves Rocher Foundation, and has not only become a hub for photographic art and photojournalism but is now also a yearly destination for around 400,000 visitors. Created on the initiative of photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber was the cooperation with Baden near Vienna.

The political charm of this double festival is just as evident in the position of the two communities. The village of La Gacilly is located near the Atlantic coast, on the former western edge of the world. The spa city of Baden near Vienna close to the former Iron Curtain is located on the eastern border of the free world.

The Festival 2018 also marks the beginning of an exclusive collaboration between La Gacilly and Baden. Alternating each year in summer, the photo festival takes place in La Gacilly and then in Baden. What is on display in France 2019, is presented in Baden in 2018. This rhythm goes on and on. That gives you the opportunity to marvel at the best photographers in the world – first in the west of the continent and then in the heart of Europe

A few highlights : For 18 July and the 100th Anniversary of NELSON MANDELA, there is a festival key note by Gisela Kayser, Artistic Director of the Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin, including a birthday party.

In February 2017, Brent Stirton received the World Press Photo Award for his work on the smuggling of rinoceros horns. This recognition was nothing new for the South African photographer – who has received it now for the ninth time, unlike any other photographer.

Since 2008, Stirton documented the invisible war which has been bleeding out Africa and endangering the valuable population of wild animals on the continent for National Geographic. Director and cameraman Richard Ladkani, who has lived in Baden for the past year, was inspired by the photos by Stirton to realize the issue of ivory trade in a film documentary. Produced as a Netflix Original by Leonardo DiCaprio, Terra Mater Factual Studios and Paul Allen, Co-founder of Microsoft, THE IVORY GAME received multiple awards at internationa festivals and was shortlisted for the documentary film Oscar.

The entire program is available here (German: , English:

Appearing at Edition Lammerhuber is the festival catalog I LOVE AFRICA (German/English; 17 x 23 cm; 260 pages; softcover; 14.90 euros)

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 8 June thru 30 September, 2018, Baden near Vienna
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Sensitive, creative, informative and personal. Mafalda Rakos 'I WANT TO DISAPPEAR' has found an approach of astonishing beauty and empathy to the topic of eating disorder, published by EDITION LAMMERHUBER

Sensitive, creative, informative and personal. Photographer Mafalda Rakoš has found an approach of astonishing beauty and empathy to the topic of eating disorders. In her book, she tells the stories of 20 sufferers in pictures and words. She has accompanied her protagonists for years and, in close cooperation with everyone involved, brought them together in this book. Intimate portraits, memories and experiences of sufferers allow insights into the personal conflicts, disruptions and insecurities at the root of these disorders. One thing quickly becomes clear: eating disorders are certainly no sign of weakness. And you are definitely not alone in it.

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are on the increase across the world. According to the US Renfrew Foundation, 70 million people suffer from an eating disorder. Numerous studies confirm that the risk of falling victim to such a disorder is highest for girls and young women in western industrial nations. Even so, stigma and denial surround the disorder, its causes and consequences, and the topic is still kept out of social discourse.


MAFALDA RAKOŠ, born in 1994, studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and also took a degree in cultural and social anthropology. Her work is situated at the intersection of anthropological, artistic and journalistic approaches and often takes up social issues and their impact. Her work has been critically acclaimed.

ELIZABETH MCGLYNN, born in London, is an artist, art therapist and lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She studied at the Zurich University of the Arts, the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and at Goldsmith’s College London. She works in the fields of art and therapy, visual art, art in social space, and artistic research.

HARRIET VRANA is an academic psychotherapist. She heads the section Eating Disorders within the Wiener Zentrum für Frauengesundheit (FEM). She also holds regular prevention and awareness workshops for young people.

Harriet Vrana, Elizabeth McGlynn
17 x 21.5 cm, 208 pages, 170 photos, English/German version available here
Hardcover, bound in linen
ISBN 978-3-903101-46-3 (English)
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