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Edition Lammerhuber presents : ‘Peace Has the Name of a Woman – Colombia in Transition’ portrays the dramatic life stories of six FARC rebels on their way back to a normal life, exhibition and book

“At FARC, I developed powers I had never dreamed of because we were fighting for a mutual cause. I gave it my all as a guerillera – and became a woman fighter, not lastly because I experienced first hand how powerless women are in Colombia’s male-dominated society,” Milena describes her life as a guerillera. In intimate portraits, photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl and author Cornelia von Schelling document six female FARC fighters – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia. What makes this project special is that it depicts the bitter civil war and the long peace process in Colombia from the perspective of female ex-rebels.
 The largest guerrilla organization in the world was made up of 40 percent women. There was equality among the FARC – the rebels had left behind classic gender roles. They now feel a calling to fight for the interests of women in traditional Colombian society. In November 2016, after 53 years of bloody civil war and lengthy negotiations, the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels was signed. 7,000 guerillas were distributed on transitional camps and handed over their weapons to the UN. President Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016.Photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl and author Cornelia von Schelling have conducted several interviews with former female FARC fighters from 2017 to 2019 and have documented their shocking life stories. The six biographies are exemplary for the path of more than 3000 female rebels, who despite great obstacles are doing everything to become a part of Colombian society again.

ANN-CHRISTINE WOEHRL, was born in 1975. She works as a freelance photographer. Her work focuses on social topics, women’s rights and religious issues in Latin America, Africa and South Asia. Her photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines, and she has published the books Voodoo – Leben mit Göttern und Heilern in Benin, Die Frauen von Havanna, and Montevideo. In 2013, her work Witches in Exile was shown at the gallery Pinter & Milch in Berlin, at the International Festival of Photography Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and at the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia. Her project IN/VISIBLE was funded by the German foundation VG Bild/Stiftung Kulturwerk.
CORNELIA VON SCHELLING, grew up in Colombia and Brazil. She has a doctorate in American Studies and is the author of numerous non-fiction books and biographies. They include two books in collaboration with photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl, Die Frauen von Havanna and Die Rebellentochter – the story of a young Colombian guerrillera, recorded in the women’s prison of Bogotá.

EXHIBITION: PEACE HAS THE NAME OF A WOMAN – Colombia in Transition. Photographs by Ann-Christine Woehrl. 22 November 2019 – 29 March 2020 . Museum Five Continents, 80538 Munich, Maximilianstr. 42.

BOOK: PEACE HAS THE NAME OF A WOMAN – Colombia in Transition. Ann-Christine Woehrl. Cornelia von Schelling. 22.5 x 27.5 cm, 172 pages, 84 photos. German, English. Hardcover, bound in linen, French fold protective cover. ISBN 978-3-903101-68-5 . EUR 49.90
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HYMN TO THE EARTH – a record number of visitors at the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2019, and the fundraising dinner in the company of famous chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall rakes in € 31,500 of donations

More than 266,751 visitors came to the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2019, which was open from 1 June to 30 September. This marks an increase of 41% compared to 2018. HYMN TO THE EARTH took up no lesser topic than THE WORLD. Just like in 2018, a giant open-air gallery transformed the city of Baden near Vienna into a city of photos. And with the title LOTS OF NEWS IN THE EAST, the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo invites guests to visit once again from 1 June to 30 September in 2020.

With HYMN TO THE EARTH, contemporary photography described the state of the Earth, its exceptional beauty as well as the threats to the blue planet and humanity. The arc of photographic observations spanned from Thomas Pesquet’s impressions of the Earth which he photographed as an Astronaut orbiting the Earth for 196 days in the International Space Station ISS to Spike Walker’s million-times magnification of life as seen under the microscope. Between orbit and microcosm, photographers visualized our existence with an appeal for peace, tolerance and togetherness, born by a humanist attitude.

34 photographers: Philippe Bourseiller, Jean Gaumy, Olaf Otto Becker, Matthieu Ricard, William Albert Allard, Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison, Karen Knorr, Jan C. Schlegel (2x), Michael Nichols, Emil Gataullin, Claudia Andujar, Miguel Dewever-Plana, Brent Stirton, Fausto Podavini, Emanuele Scorcelletti (2x), Frédéric Delangle, Phil Hatcher-Moore, Édouard Elias, Catalina Martin-Chico, Stéphane Couturier, Patrick Tourneboeuf, Chris Jordan, Matjaž Krivic, Laetitia Vancon, Andréa Mantovani, Joséphine Brueder, Cooper&Gorfer, Freddy Langer, Spike Walker, Thomas Pesquet, Pascal Maitre, and Gerd Ludwig.

6 photographer collectives: World Press Photo, Leica Oscar Barnack Award, Photo Festival of the Schools in Morbihan and Lower Austria, Guild of Professional Photographers in Lower Austria, Festival Photographers & Image Sans Frontiere.

40 exhibitions: (including 38 open-air and 2 indoor) – divided into two routes, a 2.8 km city route and a 4.2 km garden route, from the festival start at the Visitor Center on Brusattiplatz, spreading in two loops through Baden’s old town center as well as to Doblhoffpark and Gutenbrunner Park – for a combined length of nearly 7 kilometers. 2,000 photographs, including 37 large formats with up to 280 square meters, plus 40 keynotes, workshops and other events.

Record-breaking media attendance at the opening of the festival: 9 TV stations from Austria, Germany, Norway, and the US as well as 57 print media from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the US.

Alternative Media – Advertising

- 1 million NÖM Milk Tetra Paks as an advertising medium

- 10 sec. commercial on 121 screens wired synchronously in the arrivals hall of the Vienna Airport, for more than four months – from mid-May to the end of September

- Comprehensive culture attack with 6000 posters in Vienna and the Vienna hinterland, for more than four months – from mid-May to the end of September

- Austrian Airlines in-flight magazine and film...

All this and several hundred qualified media appearances, worth around € 2.5 million

Highlight – For the retrospective exhibition “WILD” by National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols, who accompanied Jane Goodall several times during his career and with whom he photographed two books, festival organizers Silvia and Lois Lammerhuber and filmmakers Anita and Richard Ladkani invited UN Peace Ambassador Dr. Jane Goodall to attend the festival in Baden on 9 September, 2019.

The festival wanted to make a sustainable and lasting impression while supporting one of Jane Goodall’s projects with the help of all festival visitors interested. With the proceeds from a fundraising dinner in the company of the famous chimpanzee researcher, the festival was able to present Jane Goodall a check of over € 31,500. Here’s the words of welcome by Jane Goodall:

Preview of 2020:

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2020


1 June thru 30 September, 2020

Baden near Vienna

Open: 24 hours

Admission to the festival is free of charge.

Contact: Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo

Dumbagasse 9, 2500 Baden, Austria

Tel: +43 2252 42269

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Full of surprises, fresh and pleasantly familiar. EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents 'Paris/NYC' – award-winning photographer David Bacher sheds an entirely new light on the two cities of New York and Paris

Over the past 15 years, award-winning American-Austrian photographer David Bacher has roamed the streets of Paris and New York City, always on the lookout for unexpected moments that capture the soul of both cities. The book is a kind of treasure hunt, where viewers can discover and interpret Paris and New York in amusing, yet reflective, ways. The images often mirror each other, and just as often, it is not immediately clear in which city a photograph was taken.

Carole Naggar’s introduction describes David Bacher’s approach, rooted in the tradition of many classic street photographers who have worked in Paris and New York City. She compares his work with William Klein, Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt and others.

The photographer on the project : “Paris and New York are like stage sets with actors and actresses on every street corner who don’t have set roles. I somehow find myself trying to organize this chaotic beauty of everyday life into pictures. The challenge is to photograph in a way that documents, deconstructs, and poses questions in a single image. Sometimes elements in an image fit together cohesively, and sometimes they push apart causing tension. At times, it’s difficult to know whether a photo was taken in New York or Paris except for perhaps one discerning detail. Do Parisians wear white socks? Where can one see the Mona Lisa with an airplane flying across her face? In the Louvre or in Flushing, Queens. It is about showing reality, or what the eye sees, but at the same time twisting and playing with that reality. This project, which began without any particular concept, has slowly merged into a colorful duet about two magical cities.”

DAVID BACHER, is an American and Austrian dual citizen who has been living in France for 15 years. He holds a degree in economics and anthropology from the University of Virginia, and a continuing degree in photojournalism from the Danish School of Journalism. David’s work has been published in National Geographic among several other magazines, and his photos have been exhibited in both Europe and the United States. He also collaborates with international organizations like the United Nations. His photography recently received several awards: National Geographic France/Air France Photo Award, International Photography Award, Smithsonian Institution Photo contest, and PX3.

CAROLE NAGGAR was born in Egypt and moved to Paris at a young age. She spent most of her childhood and young adulthood in Paris and later moved to New York City. She now spends her time in both Paris and New York City. Carole is a poet, photography historian, curator, and painter. Her most recent publications are Tereska and Her Photographer (a fiction based on a photograph), Magnum Photobook: The Catalogue Raisonné and Saul Leiter: In my Room. She is a regular contributor to Aperture and The New York Review of Books online, and since 2014, she has been Series Editor for the Magnum Photos Legacy Biography series.

PARIS/NYC, David Bacher, Carole Naggar

22.5 x 27.5 cm, 144 pages, 77 photos

German, English, French, hardcover, ISBN 978-3-903101-65-4, EUR 49.90

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