Rook + Erath

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About // Rook + Erath

Vita Rook + Erath
 Thomas Rook and Harald Erath started to work together in 2011.
Coming from a Southgerman background, both always admired the local traditions of craftmanship and customs. An obsession for art and culture history is the source of their creative work. They always try transform this inspiration in a comtemporary way.

After doing an aprenticeship as an interior decorator Rook studied architecture. In 2005 he started to work for AD Architectural Digest Magazine among Margit J. Mayer. For six years he was in charge for the style and still live pages. In 2011 Rook started… read more

Clients // of Rook + Erath

 Alexander Gnädinger, Attila Hartwig, Ragnar Schmuck, Robert Bartholot, Jens Bösenberg, Noshe, Oliver Mark, Armin Zogbaum, Marina Faust, Guy Hervais, Simon Upton

KaDeWe, Möve Frottana, Dornbracht, AD Magazin, SZ Magazin
Surface Magazine(NY), WAD Magazine(Prais), AD Magazine
Premiere Classe(Paris), Who´s next(Paris)