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news | ANATOL GOTTFRIED c/o Marion Enste-Jaspers photographs for Volvo Social Cars in the wilderness of Tenerife, the Renault Clio on Teide and in the island capital Santa Cruz

Anatol GOTTFRIED c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS teamed up with influencer couple Sharlene and David (@lifeofmisswest @valladares_dk) and realized a spread for Volvo Social Cars in the wilderness of Tenerife. Production was taken care of by Ilona Pataï with post production by Anatol personally.

Using his time wisely on the island, Anatol delivered two more spreads with a Renault Clio, from the summery city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and from a soccer field in front of the highest mountain in Spain – the Teide volcano. The authentic models were cast on the street and perfectly convey the young vibe. Sonda Productions ensured smooth production (Exec. Producer: Enrico Pillay, Production Manager: Ilona Pataï, Stylist: Cariin Cowalscii @agency_bigoudi, Post Production: Oleksii Nizhnikovskyi).

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