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LYNK & CO 01 PHEV in Shanghai photographed by Henrik JAUERT c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS

Henrik JAUERT c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS had the pleasure once again of staging the brand new LYNK & CO 01 PHEV in Shanghai, which will be launched on the European market in spring 2019. For the agency GIMC, Henrik realized two key visuals as well as several lifestyle motifs - all produced on location by T&W-Shanghai.
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Ford Focus campaign by Michael SCHNABEL c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS for GTB Düsseldorf

Michael SCHNABEL c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS and his team took advantage of the fantastic summer in the city to stage the new Ford models in just the right light – whether in Berlin or Barcelona. From the new Ford Focus campaign to family vans Tourneo Connect and Courier to the Ford Transit van, just perfect for a mountain biking trip, the Ford fleet has it all. The executive agency was GTB Düsseldorf with CD Oliver Micklitz and Account Director Sabine Lenger. It was all produced by GoSee member HETZNER.PRODUKTION from Berlin, with final touches in post production by RECOM from Stuttgart.
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BMW i3 with a futuristic design for BMW Barcelona Premium and the new Toyota C-HR, both vehicles photographed by Anatol Gottfried c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS

Anatol Gottfried c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS whisks us away and into the young & hot electrifying nights of the Catalan capital. The hero here is the BMW i3 with its futuristic design and urban lifestyle. Commissioned by BMW Barcelona Premium, under the creative direction of AD Houda Ouakili, models Alvaro @Barcino Management and Danita & Christopher @Mira Model Management had all the right moves.

Deeply in the flow of the city, Anatol Gottfried was on the road with the new Toyota C-HR, whose precisely streamlined, gem-shaped silhouette and style are inline with the coupe-esque
contour. Anatol playfully realized the vision of a smart city with reflections and transparencies. GoSee member Sonda Productions teamed up with Enrico Pillay as well as Production Manager Maite Weinhold to ensure smooth production on location in Barcelona. On the team for styling was Houda Ouakili with hair & make-up by Anna Mundet and post production by Oleksii Nizhnikovskyi.
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