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New directions - the cast of NETFLIX series 'Meteor Garden' in ICON magazine, photographed by ESTHER HAASE

An adventure into the unknown! It was a thrilling trip to Shanghai, on which ESTHER HAASE photographed the cast of the Netflix series ‘Meteor Garden’ for ICON magazine.

ICON Chief Editor Inga Griese on the production: “We were in Shanghai to do a photo shoot for the September issue of our style magazine, ICON. Photographer Esther Haase, stylist Silja Lange, Joerg Zuber and Roland Gloeckner, the fathers of charming Instagram avatar Noonoouri, and myself. Plus, all the stars of the Netflix series Meteor Garden: Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Caesar Wu and Darren Wang, top model Han Yue, and the entire crew were there. We had prepared for months on end. Netflix had set up the contacts, but we had never met one another. Our crew from Germany was therefore so impressed by their immediate trust, the openness toward us, the interest with which the young artists, their manager and producers but also everyone else treated us. A large fashion production of this kind also has personal, physical and direct sides to it. What might lead to cultural misunderstandings? We tried to answer this question in advance. All doubts were smiled away, driven off by our collective laughter...”

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'Golden Butterfly' - BARBARA MAGAZINE editorial by ESTHER HAASE

ESTHER HAASE once again demonstrated her love for cinematic sets and mature models. The dynamic story ‘Golden Butterfly’ was photographed by ESTHER for BARBARA MAGAZINE, with a “top-class production team” as she says, and with hair & make-up by Boris Entrup.

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Esther Haase photographs a 'Quality Trip' back to the 50s in authentic Audrey Hepburn Fashion

For QUALITY Magazine, GoSee member ESTHER HAASE staged beautiful photos in the most spectacular corners of Hamburg. With outfits and accessories from Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Wempe. Esther and model Catharina Pedersen snapped their way through the Roman Garden to the nearby banks of the Elbe river feeling like a million bucks and bringing back the radiant splendor of Hepburn's style – with a small pink touch of Esther.

Hair & make-up were in the hands of Boris Rieker, and styling was taken care of by Elke RÜSS c/o LIGANORD. Production by ESTHER HAASE inhouse, post production Elektronische Schönheit and animals care of Aurea Bright.

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