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Esther Haase photographs a 'Quality Trip' back to the 50s in authentic Audrey Hepburn Fashion

For QUALITY Magazine, GoSee member ESTHER HAASE staged beautiful photos in the most spectacular corners of Hamburg. With outfits and accessories from Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Wempe. Esther and model Catharina Pedersen snapped their way through the Roman Garden to the nearby banks of the Elbe river feeling like a million bucks and bringing back the radiant splendor of Hepburn's style – with a small pink touch of Esther.

Hair & make-up were in the hands of Boris Rieker, and styling was taken care of by Elke RÜSS c/o LIGANORD. Production by ESTHER HAASE inhouse, post production Elektronische Schönheit and animals care of Aurea Bright.
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It's showtime! Esther Haase dances behind the scenes of Bremen Theater with her camera for the 2019/20 season and tells 46 surprising stories with the dancers, singers and actors – for truly great theater

The Bremen Theater presents the program for 2019/20, and ESTHER HAASE photographed the ensemble, dancers and actors backstage for its Spielzeit magazine. For the artist who lives in London and Hamburg, however, it's not the first taste of theater air. Before beginning her career as a photographer, she had a formal ballet education and worked as a dancer for two years at Theater am Goetheplatz in Bremen before she swapped the spotlight for the camera flash. Her experience as a dancer also benefitted her work as a photographer.

“People tell me I dance with the camera. My shoots are productions where I work with music, with light, and with the stage – or that my location is my stage. And I set my lights, for example, so that the model can move freely on the set,” the photographer says in an interview. The video presented on GoSee grants a bit of insight into the photo shoot with the ensemble (thanks to Chriss Bieger for the trailer; music: Aretha Franklin's "I say a little prayer").

Michael Börgerding, theater dramaturge and General Director in Bremen on the collaboration: “My life is a dance through the world with the camera,” Esther Haase once said. “Once you have experienced how Esther Haase actually moves across the set like a dancer during her shoots, you don't ponder too long about what the sentence means. She has her light-footedness and discipline from her training as a ballet dancer. She actually danced here at the Bremen Theater before beginning her studies at the HfK. That was some time ago, and since then, she has seen many different stages and had many, many models and celebrities in front of the camera. Esther Haase is an international star of fashion photography – and yet she didn't say no when I asked her if she could imagine photographing our ensemble. An elaborate theater tour for the entire Haase family (including parents, sister and adult daughter) over Christmas and finally my somewhat bold promise that we would have everything she needs for her work: rooms, costumes, props, light, make-up artists, dressers, assistants, project managers, and above all, wonderful and courageous singers, dancers and actors, turned the idea into a date. Over the course of ten intense days, Esther Haase danced around this house with her camera, surrounded by a team from the theater, which – it seemed to me – would have done anything for her. She seduced and delighted so many people, unlike anything I've ever seen before. And with our ensemble, she found, invented, staged and captured 46 surprising stories in one picture. Great theater and a gift. Thank you, dear Esther!”

Concept and photos: Esther Haase, Studio Management: Stella Mercédès Schwarzer, Assistant: Axel Heumisch, Project Management: Anne Sophie Domenz, Farina Holle, Equipment: Elena Melissa Stranghöner, Vivien Hohnholz, Lighting: Axel Heumisch, Christian Kemmetmüller, René Rönitz, Deaa Maluof, Image processing: Elektronische Schönheit, Costume Department: Claudia Hartmann, Bente Matthiesen, Make-up Department: Anette Wahl, Accompanying Video: Chriss Bieger, Stefan Walkowiak ... A big thank you to all the make-up artists, dressers* and prop masters* involved!
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'If you leave something behind, you have the chance to find something new' – fashion photographer Esther Haase experiences Mongolia for ICON MAGAZINE on the move

'If you leave something behind, you have the chance to find something new. Thus is the guiding principle of the nomad. In Mongolia, we got into the vibe – and experienced days of exploration on the move,' photographer ESTHER HAASE tells us about her unforgettable production for ICON MAGAZINE. In front of the camera stood Eny Jaki from Munich Models and retoucher Simone Fiege took care of finishing.

Created between the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai and the Chöwsgöl province with its endless plains was a very special fashion shoot. With everything from yak riders, hunters and shepherds clad in original folklore costumes – silk dresses from Etro and Peter Pilotto, chains from Hermès, velvet gloves from Giorgio Armani and Gucci Looks were used. And it was a home game for the model in the fashion spread shot in Mongolia: Eny Jaki was born in the capital Ulan-Bator where she still lives today.
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