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news | Alek Bruessing photographs the KLûK CGDT total looks for VESTAL mag – produced by EUROCONNECTION, Cape Town, with Producer Julie Van Damme Lagoe

Alek Bruessing photographed KLÛK CGDT total looks for VESTAL mag. The spread was produced by South African production specialist EUROCONNECTION and its Producer Julie Van Damme Lagoe. Native South African Malcolm Kluk, who graduated from London's St. Martin's College, and Christiaan Gabriël Du Toit, who studied design at the Cape Technikon Fashion School, are the creatives behind the equally renowned and hip label KLûK CGDT.

'For Malcolm and Christiaan, their label represents the culmination of two designers’ passion and the vision of bringing South Africans an international experience of fashion. It is immediately evident to anyone that careful consideration has been given to each garment; from the fabric selection to the cut of the garment and the finishes of each piece. It is this careful consideration and attention to detail that distinguishes their clothes as luxury garments.

Both designers were born in South Africa: Malcolm completed his education in England (he...

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