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news | EuroConnection South Africa : looks forward to your film & photo productions – we present motifs from the CHANGE Lingerie campaign on GoSee

2019 has so far left nothing to be desired. Right at the beginning of the year, EUROCONNECTION South Africa produced for clients including Heineken, Colins, Hoya, Bestseller, Change Lingerie, Collette, Milano Press, ... and is looking forward to several more beautiful projects already in the pipeline – and definitely still has capacity for more. "We produced our latest photo & film campaigns on cracked pans, safaris & with wildlife, on white sandy beaches, in contemporary beach houses, lush green gardens, dry landscapes and on road trips, rooftops, dams and in the forest, daylight studios, with SFX snow, and have booked so many other incredible locations that we can’t wait to present you the results in our next showcase." Julie van Damme from EUROCONNECTION tells GoSee and continues: "Our aim is to not only provide the perfect spot for your project but to make any production the best experience you have ever had on location abroad!"

Quality and hospitality are thus just as much...

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