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Hanne Evans Production Services: 'Looking over the bay of Saint Tropez' for the Spring celebration in FANTASTIC MAN MAG with photographer Mark Peckmezian – fresh ideas for the most promising of seasons

Hanne Evans took care of location scouting and production services for a recent 'Spring' editorial in FANTASTIC MAN magazine. The team led by fashion photographer Mark Peckmezian represented by the agency Webber UK, also responsible for production, benefitted from the beautiful landscape of southern France, in particular the bay of Saint Tropez – with its ancient paths, vineyards, fields and sparkling waters between the Massif des Maures and the Mediterranean Sea. Styling was in the hands of Emily Kareh, who also works regularly for Vogue alongside Fantastic Man.

The magazine on production : 'What a wonderful season full of technicolor thrills spring is! There is a giddiness in the air that speaks of love, romance and new clothes alive with color and pop. The fields are filled with flowers and the sky with cheerful birdsong.

Life’s extra exciting in spring – right up to par with the trip that was made for this fashion celebration shot at the local golf club of Sainte-Maxime, overlooking the bay of Saint-Tropez. The clothes all feel fresh and new (which indeed they are) under the guidance of stylist Emilie Kareh and her assistant Elodie Purcell. Photographer Mark Peckmezian called in the trusted support of Guillaume Blondiau and Hudson Hayden. Matt Mulhall, a favorite in Fantastic Man circles at all levels, did grooming with the back-office support of the agency Streeters. Three models were flown in from Denmark especially for the event: Aslak Bue Ravn, Thor Carit Andersen and Thor Deenfeldt Essebo. All of which would have been impossible without the production mastery of Webber and Hanne Evans.

Please don’t forget to layer up this time of year because the weather can’t be trusted and sudden colds can occur.'

Hanne Evans has supported shoots, commercials and events with a focus on southern France for more than 20 years. The mood and the very special light of the Côte d'Azur as well as the luxuries of the densely populated coast are complemented by the sleepy villages in the hinterland of Provence, where the sky shines is even bluer with the smell of lavender in the air. Precisely where Hanne Evans knows the perfect places for everything from small fashion shoots to international commercials.
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Hanne Evans Production Services supports the travel YouTube vloggers Vagabrothers and their filmed 'French Riviera Special' for the Tastemade channel

The French Riviera, Nice, Cannes – places we all long to visit, nestled among lavender fields, luxury yachts, olive groves, and long sandy beaches. The Côte d'Azur stretches from Cassis near Marseille to Menton on the border to Italy. Hanne Evans supports international commercials, fashion films, print campaigns, and social projects in the south of France. As recently in the case of the Vagabrothers. Produced with Director Christian Remde, Palate Films and Producer Katie Jewett was a more than 20-minute film, which can be seen on the YouTube channel of the travel vloggers as well as on the Tastemade Channel and via Facebook.

"Whether you’re pinching pennies or rolling in dough, there's no right way to travel. The French Riviera is one of the world’s most baller destinations – but only one of them can afford the millionaire lifestyle. Who’s it gonna be? Find out in the newest episode of #basicvsballer : Cheapest Vs. Most Baller Day on the French Riviera.
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Hanne Evans Production Services stages the BMW Z4 Roadster on the streets of southern France for global press motifs

Hanne Evans Production Services presents a production with the BMW Z4 Roadster for global press motifs here on GoSee. "Under the highest level of confidentiality, the photos were shot on the public streets of southern France – and although during vacation time – with success and to the satisfaction of BMW Security," the producers tell GoSee. Photos were shot by Daniel Kraus, and on set from the client BMW Security was Hermann Pirzer. The car was presented in October 2018 at the Paris Motor Show, and is available since March 2019.

GoSee has an excerpt of the press release: The classical roadster, reinterpreted and sportier than ever: the new BMW Z4 fuses typical sports car dynamics with emotion-packed design, an exclusive ambience and advanced equipment features. Unadulterated driving pleasure meets a state-of-the-art powertrain, chassis, operating and connectivity technology... The new BMW Z4 is a very modern addition to the brand’s long history of engrossing roadsters. A two-seater with fully electric fabric soft-top. Radically revised proportions, central seating position, a shorter wheelbase for increased agility and wider tracks than its predecessor. Weight-saving measures and ideal 50:50 weight distribution, aerodynamically optimized body... Modern, high-class interior styling with pronounced driver focus, lines that surge forward with dynamic élan and clearly structured control panels. Pared-down trim finishers reinforce the purist character. Door panel contours echo some of the exterior graphic elements visible from the side.
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