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news | featured by maison marsil - Boutique Hotel & Event Location : 'Le snobisme de l'argent' appearing on QUEEN MUM'S MAIL – artist, producer and label owner Cosima von Bonin invites to a tea dance in Cologne

Le snobisme de l'argent ... Cosima von Bonin, artist and friend of GoSee, invites to a tea dance in Cologne. The occasion: the release party of 'Le snobisme de l'argent' by friend and musician Justus Köhnke on the label QUEEN MUM'S MAIL in Cologne's perhaps hippest club at the moment: our friend Robert's Clubheim Olympia Cologne.

“Two years ago, I suddenly felt like releasing a record after an about 20-year break. Music, which actually needs to be on it, I didn't have at first. I only had a name for my "label": Queen Mum's Mail.” Cosima von Bonin tells GoSee and adds “Viola Klein came to my place for dinner at some point and brought me her latest 12''. I wanted the B side right away and got it too ... but not the A side because that was reserved for Justus – although I didn't know if he had anything or what he had.”

And if you now want to know – what Justus has – and you happen to be in Cologne, then please go see Robert on Sunday at Clubheim Olympia and celebrate with our...

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