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featured by Beverley Luckings : Save Nairobi National Park – Save NNP : Gone forever this July 2020 – Please sign the petition today !

Lives do not matter in a post-Covid Kenya where ‘Profit Before Life’ remains a fact. So please sign the petition ‘Save Nairobi National Park – Save NNP’ to stop the construction of a luxury hotel that will destroy these animals’ habitat. The June 30th deadline for public comments on development plans for Nairobi National Park looms. Under the cover of coronavirus, the government of Kenya has pushed through development plans which will have detrimental impact on indigenous communities and wildlife.

“To ignore an entire Maasai community and its livelihood for the enjoyment of a few is the “othering” of our lives,” – Nkamunu Patita, Maasai community leader.

The fate of nature reserves across Kenya and Africa hangs by a string as a precedent is set. The Nairobi National park was formed in the 1940s when the Maasai elders foresaw the City of Nairobi developing rapidly. As wildlife and nature is their way of life, they parted with their land, in agreement that the land be used for the sole purpose of conserving and preserving wildlife. The last few decades have seen the park encroached, land grabbed, sliced off and a massive railway cutting in through a protected area! We need to honor these previous traditions by NOT developing the park.

Please sign the petition here and give support here
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photoCORONA – THE PANDEMIC IN PHOTOS : 30 Swiss photographers present their view of the nation in a state of emergency from social distancing with dancers from Zurich Ballett to a Corona Diary

With photoCORONA, photoSCHWEIZ – the largest exhibition for photography in Switzerland – has photographically documented the historically unprecedented pandemic crisis. photoSCHWEIZ has invited 30 Swiss photographers to present their view of Switzerland in times of the pandemic. “The Corona pandemic is an event of historic proportions, which is why it is all the more important to document it.” says Michel Pernet, Producer of photoSCHWEIZ.

Swiss portrait and fashion photographer Cyrill Matter has worked for publications including GQ, Vanity Fair USA, L’Uomo Vogue or Das Magazine. For him, photography does not belong on a screen but instead must be printed. For photoCORONA, he has made an exception. His photos show an artistic portrayal of social distancing during the pandemic: “The emptiness in the downtown Zurich area made me very sad. I wanted to show in a very heartfelt manner how we were abruptly separated both physically and emotionally.” He realized his project together with female and male dancers from the Zurich Ballet.

Corona and the measures it entails have had a major impact on the life of international architecture and advertising photographer Ferit Kuyas. It left him a lot of spare time, which he used on the one hand to work on his archive, but also to take new pictures. He had already worked on visual diaries earlier in life. His Corona Diary picks up where works including ‘Digital Diary’ and ’Everything you didn’t know about Me’ left off. He photographed objects, which have suddenly gained new meaning for him due to the lockdown.

We present you a selection here on GoSee.
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