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KISSYO organic yoghurt ice cream staged as light as a feather by EYECANDY

KISSYO fulfills all ice cream dreams. Surprisingly creamy. Surprisingly delicious. Only a few calories. EYECANDY took care of the product shoot and illustrations for the feather-light organic yoghurt ice cream from KISSYO. New varieties, recipes and flying fruits – all carbon-neutral. The ice cold licking pleasure is based on yogurt and fruit in organic quality.
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#POPUPYOURMAKEUP - the load MISSLYN 2019 campaign photographed and illustrated by EYECANDY

It's time to #POPUPYOURMAKEUP! The MYSSLIN products appear since early 2019 between palm trees and fruits in the colorful paper world of EYECANDY. The lively illustrations by EYECANDY artist Ju Schnee make the bright colors of MISSLYN on the skin shine even more radiantly.

'MISSLYN is on a beauty mission and whisks you away to the fabulously colorful world of cosmetics. We would like to sweeten up your everyday life with our new beauty favorites for magical make-up looks that guarantee lots of feel-good moments! Fall in love with the pop designs, bright colors and trendy textures, and pop up your make-up with ease! Whether for a sun-kissed, shimmering or matte complexion – Misslyn has the absolute must-haves for all beauty babes in store and gives your make-up look that sweet je ne sais quoi!'
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EYECANDY photographs the SUNGLASS HUT X EXECANDY CAMPAIGN with the guys from Dandy Diary

For the agency Seher PR, EYECANDY photographed the SUNGLASSHUT X EYECANDY campaign.  In front of the camera were models Julia Dalia, Nilam Farooq and Liberta Haxhikadriu. Plus the makers of 'Dandy Diary', aka David Kurt Karl Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt. They were styled by Tim Zimmermann, with make-up and grooming by Maria Ehrlich.

DandyDiary on the campaign: "Because it's summer and the still very dry-hot air at night makes your hair stand in all directions as soon as you get out of the pool and back into your cut-offs, a pair of sunglasses is essential to tame your hair like a hairband. If it doesn't hold it in shape, then at least to it'll keep it out of your face.

So that the choice of the right sunglasses doesn't become agonizing, we put together a selection of our favorite summer sunglass models for the Italian eyewear retailer Sunglass Hut, which now carries them in many of its stores. And because a picture says more than a thousand words, we let Berlin-based photographer duo EyeCandy take three photos of us with a few of our favorites – for the family album and the stores of Sunglass Hut, where we now stand larger than life, staring at customers and making their decision to buy radically easier." GoSee: &
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