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blog | The ‘New Normal’: EyeEm Updates Visual Trends For 2020 In New Marketing Guide

“Responsive imagery will become a competitive advantage in every industry. Your brand’s ability to quickly adapt to sudden events, such as outbreaks, major social media trends, business closings, or political decisions will set your brand apart from the competition.”, Matthias Schäfer, Head of Marketing at EyeEm

The spread of COVID-19 placed a new challenge in the hands of brands. Not only have companies been forced to postpone or cancel major campaigns, but consumer habits continue to change in response to the ‘new normal.

In its latest Visual Marketing Guide, EyeEm shares the most important visual trends set to follow the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it be images that represent an alternative work-life-balance, putting health and wellbeing in focus, or refreshing travel content to show social distancing restrictions, brands across all industries must prioritize responsive imagery during times of uncertainty.

The report is based on critical search insights gathered from...

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