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news | 'Yo soy Fidel' - the last journey of Fidel Castro from Havana to Santiago, captured by Michael Christopher Brown c/o EYE FORWARD - as an exhibition in Arles and book at Damiani

The Cuba project 'Yo soy Fidel' by Michael Christopher Brown c/o EYE FORWARD will be on display from 2 July thru 23 September at the photo festival Rencontres d'Arles, and the same titled publication will be released by Damiani. We have a preview of the book soon to be released here on GoSee...

"Yo Soy Fidel follows the cortège of Fidel Castro, former Cuban revolutionary and politician, over a period of several days in late 2016. Michael Christopher Brown leaned out of a rear passenger window of his passing vehicle in order to photograph Cubans waiting alongside the highway for Fidel’s military convoy carrying his cremated remains from Havana to Santiago to pass. The route mirrored Fidel’s post-revolution journey from Santiago to Havana in 1959, which helped solidify his image as hero and legend. In Yo Soy Fidel, fragments of this initial image have survived his death though perhaps inevitably lead to a question of what is to come. A country largely seen for half a century as a...

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