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Eye Forward - the representation from Los Angeles presents you its 'Greatest Hits' on GoSee

EYE FORWARD is a renowned boutique agency headquartered in Los Angeles which was founded in 2004 by Carol LeFlufy. Carol can personally look back on decades of experience in the industry: For instance, she was at some point in her career the studio manager for Annie Leibovitz in New York before moving on to Art + Commerce to work as Producer and Assistant Agent of Jim Moffat and Anne Kennedy, the founding partners of the agency.

Eye Forward tells GoSee : "We have chosen to feature a wide variety of our artists' work showcasing their many diverse talents and strengths. We bring decades of industry experience to what we do, Eye Forward being the conduit between our clients' needs and our artists' point of view. Our team alongside our artists produces the highest quality photography and motion content." Also on the team with Carol LeFlufy in 2018 were Producer/Junior Agent Alexandra Gibbs and Producer/Junior Agent Maia Boboia.

They now represent the following artists:
Photographer/Director - The Ingalls -
Photographer/Director - Sam Jones -
Photographer/Director - Spencer Lowell -
Photographer/Director - Bella Newman -
Photographer/Director - Dewey Nicks -
Photographer/Director - Frank Ockenfels 3 -
Photographer/Director - Perry Ogden -
We present you the best of the agency on GoSee.
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'Pony Kids' - an exhibition by Perry Ogden c/o EYE FORWARD in Fotografiska, Stockholm

A selection of Perry Ogden's Ponykids works can be seen until September at the Stockholm Photography Museum, Fotografiska, in the group show titled 'Like a Horse'.

“Over the past decade, an extraordinary equestrian culture has evolved in the housing estates surrounding Dublin. Teenagers from poor and often unemployed families have been keeping their ponies on patches of green in the city wastelands. Once a month, a horse fair is held at the city center. Perry Ogden has made formal portraits of these kids and their ponies in an open studio. The results document an endangered tribe.”
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'Arks of the Apocalypse' - a breathtaking story by Spencer Lowell c/o EYE FORWARD in the NEW YORK TIMES and on GoSee

With 'Arks of the Apocalypse', Spencer Lowell from Los Angeles, specialized in science and technology, shows us human institutions and research centers dealing with climate change and the possible consequences of natural catastrophes. The comprehensive story appeared this summer in the New York Times Magazine. Find out more about Spencer via EYE FORWARD.

"There is a blurry line between art and science. Although their approaches may be different, artists and scientists are doing the same thing – seeking knowledge. With an eye for art and a mind for science, I aim to create photographs that unify these two fields and shed light on my understanding of our tiny place in this vast universe," says the photographer.
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