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#STREETMEETWARSAW – photographer PAWEL FABJANSKI was once again in the line-up as ambassador of an event supported by PUMA

Polish photographer Pawel Fabjanski had the honor now for the second time of being one of three ambassadors for the StreetMeetWarsaw event and passing his photography skills on to interested photographers. The event was called into being by Warsaw-based agency TEAL and is actively supported by PUMA. Teal on the successful and creative event : “The main goal was to organize creative photowalks for people who are interested in urban photography. The ambassadors were three photographers from Poland, working with various techniques (reportage, fashion photography, commercial photography) – this allowed us to expand the target group and reach out to more diverse and creative people.”

The STREETMEETWARSAW event took place in 2020 in Warsaw already on 20 June. In the line-up besides Paweł Fabjański were photographers Dorota Szulc and Daniel Jaroszek who held workshops, in which each of the three ambassadors was free to choose the topic to work on with their ‘pupils’.

Paweł Fabjański decided to work on the topic of light in the photo studio with his group. Paweł Fabjański: “Participants are selected to take part in the workshops on the basis of a competition announced via the Instagram social platform, in which they should tag their photos with #STREETMEETWARSAW.”  The lucky winners who got the chance to work with Pawel in 2020 were Karolina Golis, Natalia Łęgoszewska, Estella Dandyk, Daniel Remian and Łukasz Bajda. GoSee : &
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PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the album cover for musicians Jan Rapowanie & Nocny – aaand SMILE!

PAWEL FABJANSKI gave the new album by Polish band Jan Rapowanie & Nocny an eye-catching look. "OSOM studios, who were responsible for creative process behind the cover of Jan Rapowanie & Nocny’s album, came up with idea of using aesthetics inspired by the photographs taken in small photo studios in the 1980s and 1990s. The title of the LP is ‘Smile!’, and it refers to the typical catch word spoken by photographers just before taking a photo. The album hit the stores in the form of a photo frame similar to the one in which we keep photos with our loved ones – a small frame that can be put on a desk. The CD with music was hidden in the back of the frame,” the photographer tells GoSee.
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PAWEL FABJANSKI : photographs the founders of the Superliga Americana de Rugby in Chile for THE RUGBY JOURNAL from London

“The stories from our game, beautifully told, from grassroots rugby up to the elite, and everything in between.” is written on the flags of THE RUGBY JOURNAL. PAWEL FABJANSKI photographed the beautiful story about the founder of the first professional Chilean rugby team and the start of the newly formed Superliga Americana de Rugby for the sports magazine from London.

The SUPERLIGA AMERICANA DE RUGBY is the only professional rugby championship in South America. It is organized by the South America Rugby League and is a franchise model with six teams from the countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It is played in parallel to the Major League Rugby League (professional rugby league in the US), and the winners of both planned on competing for the Interamerican title in Mexico. The first season was scheduled for 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic after only one tournament game.

The spread already photographed by Pawel Fabjanski in Chile in January, 2020, appeared in THE RUGBY JOURNAL, which is published by the content agency eric in London. The text for the story was contributed by Frankie Deges.

About – THE RUGBY JOURNAL is a coffee table quarterly full of big reads and stunning photography, telling the stories of the game… published by eric. GoSee: &
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