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'It’s Dark' – PAWEL FABJANSKI directs the new music video for Bass Astral x Igo

PAWEL FABJANSKI directed the minimalist, cinematic and perfectly balanced music video for the new song by Polish duo Bass Astral x Igo: It’s Dark.

“The clip I directed is a symbolic image of momentary reflection – the moment when we fall into our thoughts so much that we lose touch with reality. The text of the “It’s Dark” song is transformed into a story about the desire to escape, hide and about the external chaos that is trying to break into our consciousness. This is a music clip about trying to find inner peace and the ability to cut off from the aggressive reality aka excessive information, telephones, stimuli, sensations,.....” Pawel Fabjanski tells GoSee.

Bass Astral x Igo are Producer Kuba Tracz and Singer Igor Walaszek. The electro duo from Kraków is not easy to categorize – far from fashions and trends, they live and breathe their very own genre of music. They are signed by Iglo Records, where their debut album “Discobolus” was also released in 2016. The second LP “Orell” followed on the same label in 2017, and they can now be seen on the “It's Dark” tour in Poland., the grande finale of which is on 20 November in Kraków.

Client: music duo Bass Astral x Igo
Song title: It’s Dark
Screenplay & Director: Paweł Fabjański
Director of Photography: Michał Dąbal
Production House: SHOOTME Visual Artists
Executive Producer: Michał SHOOTMAN Majewski
Producer: Katarzyna Rup
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
1st AD: Jacek Kozłowski
Set Design: Ładne rzeczy - Kasia Piel, Ewelina Rosłaniec
Costume Designer: Zosia Komasa
Make-up & Hair: Klaudia Jaspińska
Typography design: Oskar Podolski
Post Production house: LUNAPARK
Post Production Coordinator: Julia Niebielska
Grading: by Szymon Kraszewski
Online: Franek Jankowski

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'You Cannot Be Serious!', the global Sergio Tacchini campaign celebrates John McEnroe – photos by PAWEL FABJANSKI

Former Italian tennis player Sergio Tacchini has been known since the 1960s particularly for the sports fashion brand, founded and named after himself : SERGIO TACCHINI. The latest Sergio Tacchini ADV campaign was photographed by PAWEL FABJANSKI for the agency D-SIGN and is focussed on the brand’s core elements : “Irony, tradition, a clean-cut image”, which together with conscious understatement and confident style – paired with the clever claim – perfectly underscore the essence of the brand. 

We quote Sergio Tacchini: “Young people with well-defined character are the main players of our times: the sports lover with strong features reminiscent of hooligans, the rather egocentric, over-the-top artist, the model and the urban ninja, the metropolitan girl who, despite her masculine look, maintains her eye-catching femininity. All young people who stand out from the crowd thanks to their charisma, just like John McEnroe did 40 years ago. 

“You Cannot Be Serious” is in fact the claim for this campaign, the words exclaimed during this young American talent’s meltdown at the Wimbledon tournament in 1981 after the umpire refused to overrule a line call. This claim reflects the vehemence and hint of arrogance shown by this genius of tennis, who felt that victory at Wimbledon was almost his right. He then went on to win this and many other tournaments, becoming a true champion. It has a dual message for the Tacchini campaign: “You Cannot Be Serious?” in the sense of the attitude of the four characters but also the very idea of not taking yourself seriously, leaving room for irony. A commonly used expression that has become historic thanks to the uproar it caused then, used in what was the temple of tennis and elegant gestures and behavior. A phrase that is today symbolic for young generations.”

About – Sergio Tacchini, a world renowned Italian sportswear brand, was established in 1966 by Italian tennis player Sergio Tacchini. Over the years, the brand’s name has become synonymous with Italian style and elegance, and its clothing has gained international recognition through celebrity endorsements from some of the greatest tennis champions of all time: John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Vitas Gerulaitis, Mats Wilander, Gabriela Sabatini, Pete Sampras, Pat Cash, Martina Hingis, and Novak Djokovic, with whom the brand has reached 37 Grand Slam victories. Today, the brand is still a leader in distinctive sportswear with an authenticity resulting from its tennis DNA for discerning consumers seeking to unite elegance with an active lifestyle. The brand is an official technical sponsor of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Master tennis tournament. GoSee:
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