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FAME Agency : MILK magazine, More & More, MYSELF Germany, ArtDeco, Toni Sailer, DONNA, GRAZIA, Maxima, Shape Republic, Vorwerk, S.Oliver Active, Mountain Force, L'Officiel, soonistoday

Amie Brennan c/o fame-agency teamed up with photographer Paul Hyde for MILK magazine; Trang Cao c/o fame-agency with fashion photographer Magnus Lechner for More & More.

For MYSELF Germany, hair & make-up artist Melanie Sharmin FILBERT c/o fame-agency was on a mission with photographer Kilian Bishop, while Melanie Sharmin FILBERT c/o fame-agency teamed up with Nina Neverland for Elle Slovenia.

Stylist Valentina Milakovic c/o fame-agency and hair artist Lena Gehrig c/o fame-agency worked with photographer Frauke Fischer for ArtDeco. Manicure was in the hands of Melanie Sharmin FILBERT c/o fame-agency.

For Studio Italy, hair & make-up artist Lisi LECHNER c/o fame-agency teamed up with Andreas Achmann, and Lena Gehrig c/o fame-agency with photographer Sophie Wanninger for thekunstmagazine.

Hair & make-up artist Lena Gehrig c/o fame-agency was on a mission for DONNA with fashion photographer and GoSee member Andreas Ortner. On set for Grazia BG was hair & make-up artist Junior Queiros c/o fame-agency with Roger Weber.

For client Toni Sailer, hair & make-up artist Christopher Koller c/o fame-agency worked with GoSee member Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter. For Maxima, Christopher Koller c/o fame-agency took care of manicure, and photos were shot by Konrad Limbeck... GoSee many more productions, editorials and jobs.
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Fame Agency : Styling und Hair & Make-up für SKINNY, HUBER, MAISON COMMON, PIEROTH, MAXI, Swarovski, MORE&MORE, DIE ZEIT, LUCY'S MAG, SHUSTRING, ANA ALCAZAR, HUF... & meet the renowned Munich-based HMS agency as an exhibitor at UPDATE!8BERLIN

Lisi LECHNER c/o FAME AGENCY comes back from parental leave with a MAXI spread from the tennis court. Fashion Editor & Stylist was Valentina MILAKOVIC c/o FAME AGENCY. Alex LEXA c/o FAME AGENCY is back from parental leave too, and FAME presents works for Maxi, Swarovski and LangerChen here on GoSee.

Evangelos TZIMIKAS c/o FAME AGENCY traveled as usual to all corners of the globe and presents new campaign motifs for SKINY and HUBER BODYWEAR here as well as a summery men's spread for PLAYBOY.

Lena GEHRIG c/o FAME AGENCY presents new motifs for MAISON COMMON, which they realized together with stylist Coren POLLOK c/o FAME AGENCY as well as MAYSER HÜTE, MAXI and CONTRIBUTOR.

"Taking the cake" were Melanie FILBERT and Trang CAO c/o FAME AGENCY with their wonderfully colorful and so not old-fogy over-50 spread for Lucy's. Melanie also presents hair studies for Lucy's and "The Blue Lady" for Pieroth.

Trang CAO c/o FAME AGENCY traveled to Portugal for MAXI, shot the denim spread with Lena for CONTRIBUTOR and was once again on a mission for MORE & MORE.

Visagist Meret SCHNEEBELI c/o FAME AGENCY portrayed her gals lying in a fountain for Salysé, while Tamina von RIBAUPIERRE c/o FAME AGENCY enjoyed beachwear spreads for HUF and the Fashion Model Directory (FMD).

Patrick PENDIUK c/o FAME AGENCY delivered yet another still motif for DIE ZEIT along with a light-footed fashion spread for BESPOKE.

Christopher KOLLER c/o FAME AGENCY wielded the brush once again just as professional as usual for Ana Alcazar and Echo, and Maria MUTZ c/o FAME AGENCY produced a subtle fashion editorial for SHUSTRING.

Welcome Hair & Make-up Artist Claudine Németh c/o FAME AGENCY! Claudine lives in Stuttgart and can be booked from Stuttgart and Munich; and we have a small selection of works here. Claudine and hair & make-up artist Meret Schneebeli (Berlin/Munich) can now be booked again during the winter months in Cape Town.

Plus, the FAME AGENCY Team is delighted to be among the exhibitors at UPDATE BERLIN once again this year.
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