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news | GoSee loves Swarovski’s BOOK OF DREAMS VOLUME III – a source of inspiration, a limited-edition, coffee table magazine, an homage to crystal with artists such as Mickalene Thomas, Martine Gutierrez and Raúl de Nieves

Swarovski’s Book of Dreams Volume III delivers mesmerizing artwork which integrates a wide range of Swarovski crystals and pearls. In the third issue of Swarovski’s Book of Dreams, André Breton, one of the co-founders of the surrealist movement, takes the lead role. In six chapters, creative minds and artists push the boundaries of the imagination – among them: Mickalene Thomas, Martine Gutierrez and Raúl de Nieves. Presented are neo-cubist portraits of women, adorned with crystals and pieces from Swarovski’s extensive archive which morph into faces while frothy tulle and feathers make crystal appear unusually heavy.

CRYSTAL DREAMERS explores the conceptual still-life photography of Horacio Salinas, who applies his signature alchemical approach to precious materials such as vintage pieces from the Swarovski archive and contemporary crystal items, combining them with a wide range of loose crystals and pearls. Creative direction was in the hands of Giovanna Engelbert, in...

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