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BFFF – the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017, an exclusive review in photos & film by Rolf Scheider for you on GoSee

The BFFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival took place already for the sixth time in Berlin. Since its foundation in 2012, BFFF has become an established platform for filmmakers, agencies and brands. Thanks to the direct exchange with creatives, partners and the audience, the BFFF was able to develop into a force to reckon with in the international creative scene with the aim of defining state-of-the-art filmmaking" and exploring new possibilities for creative expression. The strategy is plain and simple: Learn from the champions and live off of the enthusiasm of the newcomers.

The annual two-day conference in Berlin brings together more than 500 filmmakers and opinion leaders from the film, advertising and lifestyle industries. It provides a platform where new trends and talents in the area of conceptual storytelling and brand communication can be experienced up close.

BFFF celebrates the best work in fashion films, music videos, experimental filmmaking and content for beauty, cosmetics and lifestyle brands. Year after year, the high-caliber festival jury selects the best national and international submissions, which are presented and awarded in an award ceremony at the peak of the festival.

All in all, the BFFF sees itself as a creative forge in which the participants learn from each other and motivate one another to become even more creative – this exchange is intended to drive the participants of the BFFF to their maximum creativity. Over the course of two days, we took part in an interesting and even excellent program. International creatives shared their experiences and the latest trends with the audience.

As a further goody, guests of the congress had the chance to participate in talks, screenings, panels, and creative speed dating. And at the after party, there was a special performance by Blaenkminds in collaboration with Berlin-based designer Esther Perbandt.

For the competition, 17 jury members voted in the different categories online.

On GoSee, we bring you several filmed and photographed highlights from the congress. And watch the films here:
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'MARSEILLE JE T'AIME' Designer Jacquemus and MMMM present 'Les Santons de Provence' – a stylish homage to the port and art capital Marseille

After the success in 2016, the program of this year's OPENMYMED Festival in Marseille has been expanded. From May to September, Maison Méditerranéenne of the Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) is bringing together talents from different artistic disciplines to become a melting pot for the new Mediterranean intercultural scene. The multifaceted main character and Guest of Honor of the fashion & art spectacle is the young southern French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and his label JACQUEMUS, who presented his collection 'Les Santons de Provence', which he designed especially for Marseille, at the end of May against the backdrop of the modernly converted new port area in Marseille as an outdoor fashion show with 32 models. He is also presenting two exhibitions.

The starting point for each JACQUEMUS collection is usually a French type of woman like style icon Caroline de Maigret or also French actress Isabelle Adjani. To express his love for Marseille, Simon brought out a book about the city. We have photos and info here for you on GoSee...

“I really wanted to present my archives as a patchwork sculpture in Marseille’s Calanques, as a nod to the opening credits of the movie 'My Father’s Glory', which begins in the Provence hills,” says designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.  To do so, he teamed up with the artist Willi Dorner and photographer David Luraschi to create the patchwork sculpture from the archive of his previous collections. In the trailer, the sculpture is presented by 11 dancers from the  Julien Lestel Dance Company. It was filmed with a drohn in Marseille’s Calanques National Park, with a music score from My Father’s Glory’s Soundtrack by Vladimir Cosma.

On display at MAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Marseille, thru 14 January, 2018, are works by the designer. “I wanted to stage my archives by creating unique pieces linked to Marseille, my work and, hopefully, the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Marseille.”

OpenMyMed festival, orchestrated by the MMMM, invites Simon Porte Jacquemus to the (mac) (Musée d’Art Contemporain de Marseille). For this special occasion, he created original artworks inspired by Marseille as a city, the museum and his own collections. The 'Maisons' project: Simon Porte Jacquemus created his first sculptures by playing on the structures of his signature rounds and squares. He integrated his archives by staging them indirectly.

Part 1: 'Archives' Exhibitions (mac)/12 May – 14 January, 2018: The 'Archives' project: a photographic experience designed by Simon Porte Jacquemus and realized by David Luraschi, that takes us deep into the heart of Willi Dorner’s human sculpture. Willi Dorner’s 'Bodies in Urban Spaces' performances were the inspiration behind this unique production.

Part 2: The MuCEM – Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean: “For the MuCEM, I came up with a more fun and direct installation using my personal images and inspirations in a patchwork of real and poetic videos: a flower, a shoe, my cousin, a moment of life… I wanted the public to get inside my phone,” says Simon Porte Jacquemus.

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GoSee loves... CRUSHfanzine – Release Party in Paris and Editor & Photographer Nicolas Wagner in a conversation on his 'Sun City' exhibition in Paris

During PARIS PHOTO, men’s fashion magazine CRUSHFANZINE invited guests to the release of the new edition at the hip Jules&Jim Hotel in Paris’ Marais district. There we met the congenial Nicolas Wagner, photographer and co-editor, who not only helped determine the direction of the magazine for many years as Art Director and celebrity photographer, but also presented his first photography exhibition 'SUN CITY' over the weekend. We are delighted to introduce CRUSHFANZINE and Nicolas with his works on GoSee.

Nicolas Wagner is, together with Khary Simon, the creative mind behind CRUSHfanzine, a quarterly publication based in New York and Paris which is distributed around the globe. Each issue is about an obsession. The new issue was released with a party in New York and during the Paris Photo week at the Jules&Jim Hotel in the middle of the Marais district in Paris. Among the young crowd were models, designers, photographers… and us! Perfect timing for a GoSee Mini Quest with le cher Nicolas.

What is the obsession of your latest issue? The new issue “Men at work” deals with the importance of what you wear at the workplace and the effect it has on your surroundings. Would you trust the pilot of your flight if he was not wearing his uniform? How do you communicate trust, respect, efficiency or does your job require that you protect yourself, make sure you stand out in the middle of a crowd.

The magazine presents a mix of men’s fashion, art, celebrities... Are you in charge of the celebrity shoots? Or do several photographers work on each issue?  Each issue is so different than the previous one... depending on the "obsession", we collaborate with photographers who have some common ground with the theme. Matt Gunther, Miguel Villalobos, Jacopo Benassi are part of the family. We also get tremendous help from creative people for design and fashion as well, like the french duo Storny and Misericordia .

What is your obsession? You are obsessed with photography we can imagine, over the weekend, you also presented your first photo exhibition in the heart of the Marais district as well. ‘Sun City’ – can you tell us a little bit about the name of the exhibition and the presented work – we can see a mix of architecture, men’s fashion and celebrities?  I have several obsessions, which I am never sure is a curse or a blessing... for the magazine, we tend to become obsessed with fierce warrior-like women such as Grace Jones, Jessica Lange or Faye Dunaway. On a personal level, I have to touch the door of the plane twice before I board a flight... not sure if it does any good. I am also very much into black flowers like black cosmos, columbine or iris and also Nike sneakers, mid-century Mexican furniture, François Ozon movies, the band Minuit, artist Sue de Beer’s work, Venice, actress Fanny Ardent, used Levi’s, and Carvil boots.

The exhibition was curated by Ariel Kenig, The title refers to different locations in Arizona and South Africa, and is also the name of a sauna in Paris. I like the idea of having the word SUN in the title as Paris is indeed a bit gloomy a year after the attacks... The images are a mix of my work for CRUSHfanzine and personal work, commissioned portraits for FLAUNT with Isabella Rossellini, friends, soccer games in Brooklyn, or architecture details.

Sun City was presented one year after the Paris attacks? The exhibition ran during Paris Photo, and the last day was indeed the one year anniversary. One of the images was taken on Bastille day; you can see a part of the Eiffel Tower illuminated by white smoke from the fireworks. Paris remains one of my favorite places to take pictures. It’s home.

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