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Established in 1987 - one of the longest running and most experienced production companies in Cape Town.

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news | First Productions, Cape Town, produces the WEB EYE WEAR campaign with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis, WALDER SHOES with Yves Bachmann – and is looking forward to the South African Summer Season 2018/19

FIRST PRODUCTIONS supported the WEB EYE WEAR campaign photographed by Carlo Miari Fulcis in South Africa. And the Swiss client WALDER SCHUHE, which presents a broad assortment of internationally known shoe brands, called for production in Cape Town. Photos were shot by Yves Bachmann c/o Visual Eyes International in the production by FIRST PRODUCTIONS with Producer Melanie Bold.

Melanie Bold tells GoSee : "First Productions is ready for the South African summer season 2018/19. With fantastic rainfall over the winter months, Cape Town is back to business as usual. The dams and lakes are full, and we no longer have the water issues which we suffered last season. Coupled with changes in visa laws, Cape Town is now as appealing for your upcoming photographic and film productions as ever! First Productions is busy sourcing new locations to add to its database, so please pop us an email if you would like to receive a presentation customized to your requirements. We are also offering...

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