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news | Ready for Spring? Trend report and self-shot photo style with the flair January/February 2016 issue. We have the preview for you on GoSee

Spring is in the air! Well, perhaps not quite as it should be. But still: Flair rings in the season with a flowery bouquet of fashion and beauty trends. Part of it all: the 300 best looks of the new Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Not to mention, self-shot style photos! Why? The flair team took a closer look at the hype surrounding the inevitable self portrayal. The result is a complete dossier about the cultural history of the medial self-portrait, the …

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portfolio | Flair im Dezember

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news | Striking the right note: fashion & music– an unbeatable ensemble in the flair November 2015 issue; we have a GoSee preview for you

Themed upon the slogan 'Fashion & Music', the new November issue has the familiar 'flair'. Two things were inseparable for the editorial team in this issue: fashion and music. Inspired by the rhythm of fashion icon FKA Twigs, a must-see dossier on the tight connection of the two creative industries was created under the creative executive of Feature Chief Siems Luckenwaldt. With “The Sound of Fashion”, they took it even a step further and took an in-depth look at to what extent f …

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news | “Whether in film, fashion or bed: A woman has the better role” - FLAIR in October, and that with a focus on super women!

In its October issue as well, flair magazine leaves no holds barred - and presents pure female power. And the flair editors not only takes a detailed look into transitions in society and fashion with regard to gender roles. They also look into the question, why fashion both inspires us and has the power to free our minds. flair tells GoSee: “We immediately thought of two names. Starting with fashion icon, actress, killer, and mother Charlize Theron whose life we took a close look at an …

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news | 'Fashion with flair' in a key role? The September issue of FLAIR definitely has the key looks for the latest Do's and Don'ts… plus flair is in the Jury of the GoSeeAWARDS15

We can share the closing statement of flair's September editorial with you right here and now on GoSee: "To know the key or to have it nowadays no longer excludes that other keys will also fit into the same keyhole. That still holds true – just like with love. Love fashion!" Now you know the ending, and if we can believe flair, the beautiful fashion reflection themed upon key trends by Swiss fashion critic Jeroen van Rooijen is not only a good read because of it’s romantic …

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news | New issue of FLAIR out on 14 August! And editor Angelika Müller in GoSeeAwards 2014’s 'EDITORIAL' Jury

“You can go to the supermarket dressed in expensive clothes, without flaunting it. As soon you start to be precious about your clothes, then it simply isn’t luxurious anymore. Are you investing? Or are you just showing off?” Karl Lagerfeld, World Champion of Fashion, speaks in an exclusive interview with Flair on why he chose to design an entire supermarket for his Chanel Autumn/Winter presentation, making the everyday luxury. Details on the issue and a sneak peek at some exclu …

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news | Flair and the June 2014 issue. A friend’s preview on GoSee

The issue’s big issue : female friendships from the stone age to today, analysed by experts such as psychologist and friendship specialist Dr. Wolfgang Krüger, and trapped in a triangle ‘rivals, angels and advisors’. You see, things are getting complex. The issue is crowned by outfit twin look tips and communities of interest in fashion. GoSee presents an exclusive preview.

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news | FLAIR March issue out now. A look inside the beautiful magazine here on GoSee

The time has come! The new issue of FLAIR magazine hit stores on 13 February. If you are wondering what the most important topics are this time round – look no further. We have a peek inside the current issue of FLAIR magazine for you here on GoSee… The Styling Strategy - the killer detail. Some women are perfect from head to toe – so perfect in fact it’s kind of boring. Others don’t need more than a pair of jeans and sandals to attract everyone’s attentio …

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news | GoSee celebrates Christmas with FLAIR magazine. Our comeback newcomer’s December 2013 issue now in stores

FLAIR magazine’s December issue presents fashion in a different light. On around 200 pages Flair magazine shows us in a charming way, what we here at GoSee have been thinking for quite some time now – that menswear really is a woman’s thing. And Flair asks its readers: how much man do you have in you? To add substance to their opinion the editorial board strips it down to the basics – trousers as a masculine status symbol. Really? After all women have been wearing tro …

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portfolio | November 13

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