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news | THE BMW R NINET – CLASSIC, PURE, PASSIONATE. Ricky Phoolka in action, photographed and filmed by STUART HAMILTON c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

STUART HAMILTON c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS staged the motorcycle BMW R NINET in action, driving with Ricky Phoolka across northern Spain. “Somewhere out there on a dusty desert plain following my dreams without a care… make life a ride with the BWM R Ninet Scrambler. We had a few incredible days shooting with BMW and Ricky Phoolka.”

From the cinematic to the intensely personal, his works reflect an unflinching dedication to his art. Stuart was born in Scotland and now resides in London from where he travels around the world, photographing for several leading advertising agencies in Europe and the US. He is on the jury of international advertising awards and was personally behind the lens for many of the most significant campaigns.

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