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SEVEN CRASH New York - the S/S 2020 campaign of the tech fashion label photographed by Wolfgang ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GöBELS for you on GoSee

SEVEN CRASH on SEVEN CRASH: “Seven Crash is a New York-based fashion brand founded in 2013, inspired by the bold, unapologetic attitudes of the local youth culture from New York streets and the modern aesthetic of the North American fashion capital. The brand statement “Crash the rules” embodies its powerful attempt to explore new bridges between the worlds of streetwear and haute couture – all with the goal of bringing futuristic expression and fashion sense to the youth culture of our day and age.

The brand offers avant-garde jacket cuts and industrial-inspired trousers which fuse workwear-inspired designs with urban street fashions to underpin its futuristic expression. Seven Crash features an array of iconic styles with sharp silhouettes and premium materials in its ready-to-wear collection.”

The latest campaign was photographed by Wolfgang ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GöBELS. GoSee :
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Sabine SCHEER c/o ROCKENFELLER & GöBELS photographs food dreams for STARBUCKS China Spring 2020

Sabine Scheer: “SPRING! – the new Spring campaign for Starbucks China. This series is the result of amazing teamwork. It was a great honor to be part of such a wonderful team on set in Shanghai. Meanwhile, the incredible back-office team in Düsseldorf made the whole adventure possible by even taking care of the studio VIPs, Sweety M., Karl Lagerfeld and Gucci. Special thanks to both teams!”

Creative direction by, with production by @lilianxu & @hua_deer, and foodstyling by @angelachia_foodstylist.
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