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Rockenfeller & Göbels : MARIE CLAIRE Espana, CASIO G-Shock, a REWE campaign, BEL EPOK mag, plus the MERCEDES-BENZ G500

Fernando GOMEZ photographs a wintery editorial for Spanish MARIE CLAIRE magazine. Hair & make-up of model Gabija Sim were taken care of by Ivan Gomez.

The new G-Shock watch from CASIO sports an understated and yet robust design. Photos were shot by Manuel MITTELPUNKT.

Andreas ANDÉ photographed the new REWE campaign with delicious recipe ideas.

Manuel MITTELPUNKT photographed a modest still life full of harmonious colors for BEL EPOK magazine.

Michael HAEGELE photographed the new MERCEDES-BENZ G500 in its natural habitat.
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The VOLVO V90CC Ocean Race campaign, VOLVO SWITCH campaign plus the CUPRA - LIFESTYLE campaign for C14 Torce by Patrik Johall c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

Patrik Johall c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the VOLVO V90CC Ocean Race campaign and the 'Swith' VOLVO campaign in Madrid. The photographer on the campaign: "This campaign is based on the simple insight that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And if we all do so, it can help make the world a better place. Just like Volvo is about to make the switch to electric cars. Consumers from all corners of the globe can already switch to pure mode when driving a Volvo plug-in hybrid – it’s just as simple as switching off the lights when leaving home. The brand message that sums up this insight is: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”, or: “ Switch to Pure”. The agency was Forsman & Bodenfors with Art Director Martin Joelsson, Producer Katarina Klofsten, Agency Producer Lena Sellman, and Superstudio Producer Anna Johall.

Plus, Rockenfeller & Göbels present 'CUPRA – LIFESTYLE' – by PATRIK JOHALL C/O SUPERSTUDIO on commission for agency C14 Torce (Art Buyer: Tina Preschitz, Art Director: Eduard Mayoral, Account Supervisor: Lorena Sánchez, Account Executive: Maiwen Bergé, Post Prod: Superstudio, Service Production: Mamma Team, local producer Giorgio Mugnai, production rabbicornfilms GmbH, Producer: Florentine Hellmann).

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Temial product launch for Vorwerk with motifs by Jochen Arndt c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

"Gōng fu chá" is the term used for things that result from patient and passionate work – making it so much easier to sum up several years of well-founded Temial development in a single Chinese expression. And China played an important role in the development of the novel VORWERK tea maker. What started off as one of Vorwerk's talent forges and was founded as an internal start-up, Temial's mission from day one has been to bring authentic tea drinking pleasure into everyday life. The TEMIAL product launch from Vorwerk was photographed by Jochen Arndt c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS.
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