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The 'Athens Ikea campaign' for thjnk - post-produced by FOTOMAKI Retouching

OTOMAKI once again supported renowned advertising agency thjnk on the 'Athens Ikea campaign'. Various motifs were photographed by Mark Seelen in Greece, for which Fotomaki was responsible for the look in post production. We have five motifs on GoSee.
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Two SWISSCOM campaigns for photographer Markus MUELLER - post production by FOTOMAKI Retouching

The post production specialists from FOTOMAKI Retouching realized the look for two SWISSCOM campaigns for photographer Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES. The first, SWISSCOM SME, is aimed at small and mid-sized companies. While the second, the SWISSCOM ENT campaign, focuses on the future and addresses Swisscom's business clients. GoSee member VISUALEYES INTERNATIONAL AG, which represents Markus in Switzerland, was responsible for the photo production. Serviceplan Switzerland was the executive agency, and the visual effects were produced by Trixer.
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For photographer Uwe Krejci and the client TGV Paris, the post production pros from FOTOMAKI were responsible for the look of the new campaign; we have two motifs for you on GoSee

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