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featured by GoSee ART : GoSee loves ... 'The Bird in Borrowed Feathers' - Hellen van Meene enchants London with her sensitive portraits in James Freeman Gallery

“To make a great portrait, you simply have to concentrate on what’s in front of you. Find the perfect light. Focus on the models. Say the right things and make your models relax. This is a formula that has never changed…” says the Dutch photographer in an interview on her portrait photos. A selection of her portraits of women is now on display in the James Freeman Gallery in London.

'We are pleased to present ‘The Bird in Borrowed Feathers’, a solo exhibition for Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene. This will be Hellen’s first solo exhibition in London since 2008 and will place new works in context with a number of pieces from the past decade.

Hellen van Meene is renowned worldwide for her distinctive photographic approach. Working in analogue and principally in small format, she focuses on the experiences of young people at the stage between adolescence and adulthood. It is a fragile space, full of uncertainty, and riven with the anxieties of change. Hellen finds glimpses into these intimate inner worlds and brings their fragility to light in ways that are sometimes surreal and unsettling, often uncomfortable and challenging, but always deeply sensitive and sincere.

Many of Hellen's new works explore the use of animals as motifs. Pets – dogs, birds, rats – appear as emotional familiars for their uncertain friends. Butterflies, the perennial symbol of transformation, appear like a floating spirit over the skin of the model. So many of Hellen’s works are composed as small format interiors lit with milky natural light in a tradition that stretches back centuries to the Northern Renaissance. Within this context, the family pet appears as a kind of emotional support for children on the cusp of braving the outside world.

Materials and textiles are another echo from traditional Dutch painting that find expression in Hellen’s works. Young they may be, but many of her subjects are dressed in exquisite fabrics, which Hellen captures with crystalline detail. Often these stem from shoots for large fashion houses whereby, Cinderella-like, the clothes are loaned for just the day. In Hellen’s photos, the pleats are crisp, the billowing folds voluminous: material takes on a fetishistic quality in the rites of dressing up that her young women embark upon. It is also another means of capturing the sense of displacement that her subjects express: in almost every instance, the clothes seem to be something these young women are on the point of growing into, a promise of an as-yet unknown life. Hellen’s project is to capture that moment just before it comes to pass.'

James Freeman Gallery is a contemporary art dealer based in Islington, London, UK. Established in 2003, the gallery explores contemporary approaches to classicism, presenting artists who combine current tendencies with art-historical references and research. In particular, the gallery aims to present artists who do this in a way that is both aesthetically powerful & technically accomplished. Wonderful artworks are what we look for, works that engage the eye, the heart and the mind.

The Bird in Borrowed Feathers – Hellen van Meene
11 July to 3 Aug, 2019
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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : GoSeeAWARDS 2019 – participate free of charge and show your artwork to our high-end online jury; eight categories are just waiting you !

For years, the GoSeeAWARDS have called upon creatives from the areas of photography, CGI, illustration, etc. to submit their most beautiful and creative projects for review online by an expert jury. On the flip side, the GoSeeAWARDS offer anyone with a free GoSeeACCOUNT the opportunity to present their projects – and thus the chance at publication, making new contacts and sparking the interest of people who know the work they do day in, day out.

Figuratively: The Awards are our fishing line which we cast out year for year with a passion; the artwork is that shimmering fish... and the person sitting at the other end of the fishing rod happy about one or two catches on their computer at home? Exactly! That is our jury. Last year, more than 100 creatives scattered all over the world supported us in the Awards, most of whom clicked their way through several categories. Once again, thank you very much.

Let us surprise you again in 2019 – preparations are already well underway. Here is a bunch of artwork we fished out of our archive... as a creative appetizer, so to speak. So, feel free to submit your works*; there are still about 140 days left until the end of the fishing trip. It’s this easy: Register for an account at

* To participate, log into your account – the WELCOME website will take you to the AWARDS.

About – GoSeeAWARDS. When PARTICIPATING is already a WIN... You’re at the GoSeeAWARDS, the annual, internationally established, top online viewing in the creative industry. For 20 years, GoSee has stood for serious B-to-B communication in the global creative industry. The GoSeeAWARDS have been organized by GoSee for 15 years and call upon creatives from all over the world to submit their works free of charge – that’s photography, illustration, CGI & animation  – via GoSee where they are then viewed online by around 100 top jurors from the areas of advertising, marketing, fashion, publication,... the jury will be announced shortly before the event.

Each SHORT LIST consists of 20 finalists in total – who have the opportunity to present visitors their portfolios and meet a juror or two in person at the live viewing in Berlin at UPDATE, the renowned GoSee Salon. Plus, the works will be presented on the GoSeeAWARDS website before they are added to the awards archive – where they can be seen forever. The GoSeeAWARDS winners will be announced at UPDATE – November 2019 – in Berlin where the artwork will be on display.

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featured by GoSee : Half Moon Bay – in the footsteps of Annie Leibovitz on the coast of San Francisco, with photos for you in our GoSeeSHOP

The beach of Half Moon Bay, located on the west coast of the San Francisco peninsula and approximately 30 minutes outside of the city, is above all a very popular place for parties because it is surrounded on both sides by massive cliffs and there is no direct access point, minimizing the risk of the police stopping by. The only way to get to the beach is a small path which can only by taken by foot. And this is precisely the place where Annie Leibovitz took her first significant photo in 1968: A view of the bay from a half-open car door. Reason enough for a GoSee visit to the magical Half Moon Bay.

Another fun fact : At Maverick's Cliff, an underwater cliff at the north end of Half Moon Bay about 400 m southwest of Pillar Point and 600 m west of the Pillar Point Harbor pier, waves of the Pacific ocean break extremely high due to the special surface of the ocean floor. Following severe storms, the breakers regularly reach heights of 7.5 meters with peaks of up to 25 meters. The Maverick's are known therefore as a big wave spot.

Half Moon Bay is also a popular retreat for marine animals and well-to-do urbanites. Enjoy & GoSee !
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