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Frank Lübke : photographs "Shades of Blue", the campaign for the 2019 collection from eyewear label MunicEyeWear

The campaign shoot for eyewear label MunicEyeWear took place in 2019 and was themed upon “Shades of Blue”. With an interplay of different shades of blue for background, accessories and outfits, the new 2019 collection was staged by photographer FRANK LÜBKE. The new campaign motifs appeared as ads and posters as well as in the 2019 lookbook. MunicEyewear stands for designer eyewear made of titanium, stainless steel or acetate with styles including Retro, Vintage, Simplicity, and TwinStyle. 

MunicEyeWear is a German company headquartered in Munich which was founded in 1991 by Marcus Riess (CEO and Designer) and Ariane Riess (Managing Director). Eight additional offices in Japan, Denmark, Canada, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Italy, and Holland support sales through their domestic networks. The company is headed by Mr. and Mrs. Ari and Marcus Riess with products available in more than 3000 exclusive stores worldwide. Styling: Samir Abou-Suede, post production: PX5 Suse Rehm, Go & See:
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"Knocking on your door" – the cover for the latest single of Berlin-based artist 'Yellow Druid' by photographer Frank Lübke

For Berlin-based artist YELLOW DRUID and his debut CD "Knocking on your door", FRANK LÜBKE photographed the cover of the new single in Berlin. The musical Druid is under contract with label Blauton Media. It's this way to his official video 'Yellow Druid ft. Bellsavy – Knocking on your door':
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'Me, Myself and I and Leica'! Portrait photographer Frank Lübke presents his celebrity project on the topic of self-acceptance and alter ego including the STERN column in LFI MAGAZINE

The "Me, Myself and I" project by Munich-based photographer Frank Lübke is now appearing in the new issue of LFI Magazine by Leica. The photo project was published in 2017 as a weekly column in STERN. He has portrayed celebrities in it for several years next to their alter ego. In LFI Magazine, he grants insight into the perspective from behind the camera. The most important accessory is a 1.80 meter mannequin, which accompanies him to every shoot.

“I always have a very movable, almost 2 meter tall jointed wooden doll with me, alone for the physicality. It is also important for the shadowing and the light…,” says Frank Lübke. "Our inner dialogue has the greatest influence on self-love and self-confidence. The words with which we think about ourselves and speak internally with ourselves have power. They influence our feelings and our actions. We can communicate with ourselves in a loving and strong way, a rendezvous with ourselves."

After studying photography, Frank Lübke began his professional career in advertising, where he worked for many years as creative director and managing director. Frank Lübke is still a member of the Art Directors Club. In 2010, he revived his passion for photography and has since worked as a photographer for well-known magazines, companies, advertising agencies and private individuals. The portrait is the center of his work. Since January 2017, the photo column “Mein geliebtes Ich” (Beloved Me) has appeared in Stern Magazine. The column is based on the “Me, Myself and I” photo project, which Frank Lübke started in 2010. In the images the portrayed people who are introduced to their other 'me'.
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