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“Shoot with a Bite” – FRANK LÜBKE presents you the FX TEETH shoot for ALPHABITE FX Teeth and the agency Yuper on GoSee

FRANK LÜBKE photographs for FX teeth brand ALPHABITE. The brief was to stage the around 50 different FX teeth models as dramatically as possible – some of which with catchy names such as ‘Beasty Hole’, ‘Creeping Evil’, ‘Hunter´s Claw’ or even ‘Witch Bitch’. The shoot was created for the agency Yuper in cooperation with make-up artist Birger Laube and Sabeth Kelwing Jimenez. The campaign motifs are appearing as posters, ads, social media and, of course, in the online shop.

We read about the idea of launching a business you can sink your teeth into on the alphabite website: “Susi, founder of alphabite, has always been passionate about dressing up everywhere she goes. As a dental laboratory master, she’s used to working for dentists and with professional dental plastics. When she met Esther, the two decided to create customized teeth for themselves. In 2019, the ‘Zahnspektakel’ project was founded, which is German for ‘Tooth Spectacle’. From that point on, Susi and Esther made creating FX teeth their profession. Getting to produce FX teeth every day is simply the greatest for both of them. They couldn’t think of anything better – except for expanding ‘Tooth Spectacle’ and making it even bigger and more international. Following through with these ideas and plans has paved the way for their new FX teeth brand alphabite.

Alphabite produces teeth that are manufactured by dental technicians according to the highest standards of craftsmanship with the highest quality materials. Each dental prosthesis is individually tailored to the customer’s dental impression. That makes them comfortable to wear for any length of time. They can also be easily removed and replaced.”

So you’re more than welcome to stop by and get individual pearly whites of your own – GoSee :
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FRANK LÜBKE : photographs the Spring/Summer 2020 campaign for women’s vest label AYMUSE by designer Nadja Cosima Weletzky

Munich-based label AYMUSE, founded by PR expert Nadja Cosima Weletzky, creates designer vests for women and makes an entirely new fashion statement with its exquisite models: vests for the self-confident woman of today. Frank Lübke, fashion photographer from Munich, staged the new vest models for Spring/Summer 2020. All available in the label’s online shop. GoSee:
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FRANK LÜBKE photographs the ‘HER STORY’ campaign for AVON Cosmetics with 12 inspiring women who share their personal stories

For AVON Cosmetics ‘HER STORY’, portrait and celebrity photographer Frank Lübke photographed women from Germany. ‘HER STORY’ is a campaign about wonderful personalities and their personal stories. “In the campaign, we present various different journeys through life which all have one thing in common: The women we present are happy with themselves, their lives, and want to inspire other women with their own paths,” Frank tells GoSee.

For example, influencer Aldijana was staged in Beth Ditto style and interviewed on the topics of body positivity and love for oneself. Or Anne, who quit her job as event manager and made her dream come true of selling flowers out of an old VW van. The beauty looks of all protagonists were taken care of by Sonja Shenouda c/o Bigoudi.

When asked what he finds so fascinating about portrait photography, he answered in the AVON interview: “Portraiture is the main focus of my work. I’d even go so far to say that encountering people is more interesting than the photo itself. For me, it’s a godsend when people open up, tell stories or just show new sides of their personality during a shoot. My favorite quote in this context is from American people photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt “It’s more important to click with the people than to click the shutter. ... From a viewer’s point of view, the photo has to touch you. From the perspective of the person portrayed, it’s important to recognize themselves in the photo. But from my point of view, a good portrait is a photo which shows a new and surprising side of a personality.” Read the complete story on AVON COSMETICS.
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