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DORNSCHILD - "the vest brand" lookbook and campaign shoot by FRANK LÜBKE

Lookbook and Fall/Winter 2019 campaign shoot for Dornschild Herrenwesten – photographed by Munich-based photographer Frank Lübke. The design of DORNSCHILD, aka the vest brand, stands for the aesthetic of the world of gentlemen. Dornschild combines modern couture with stylish designs. Designed in Germany and manufactured in Europe, DORNSCHILD uses only exclusive and hand-selected fabrics from Italy for its vests. GoSee:

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The Harry-G 'Hoamboy' Tour 2019 - with a portrait by photographer FRANK LÜBKE

FRANK LÜBKE photographed promotion photos and the new tour poster for the Harry-G “HOAMBOY” Tour 2019. “For the shoot, we visited a former lumber mill in Bavaria, the perfect setting to shoot the new “Hoamboy” Tour 2019, which kicks off in December.” photographer Frank Lübke tells GoSee. “HOAMBOY” is more than just wordplay, it is an exact description of his personality. On the one hand, a Bavarian with a love of tradition, on the other, a liberal-minded and curious cosmopolitan who searches whatever surroundings he may find himself in for topics “worth” tearing to shreds on stage with great passion and ears and eyes wide open. Harry-G was photographed by Frank Lübke on commission for Ring of Fire. GoSee:

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FRANK LÜBKE: Celebrity portrait column 'Beloved Me' kicks off on with presenter and actress Sophia Thomalla

For one whole year, photographer and GoSee member Frank LÜBKE and journalist Alexandros Stefanidis portrayed celebrities in unusual poses for the 'Beloved Me' column. In the process, they discovered that every person has a second side to them, which at times wishes to come to light or at others remain in the dark. During the portrait shoots, Frank often succeeded in bringing these sides out, to the surprise of those portrayed and readers alike.

Stern has now begun publishing twelve of these unusual portraits online. The series kicks off with popular presenter and actress Sophia Thomalla, who kissed herself for the portrait – and has never regretted a photo in her life as she reveals in an interview.
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