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The UNIQLO Kids Spring'18 campaign photographed under the Californian sun by Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF

Anouk NITSCHE  photographed the new and beautiful UNIQLO Kids Spring 2018 campaign in guaranteed sunny Los Angeles.

About - Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. The company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. since November 2005. The company operates in Japan and several other countries -as of 31 Aug 2017, the company reports that 1920 Uniqlo stores were in operation worldwide. Owner Tadashi Yanai is a Japanese businessman, the founder and president of Fast Retailing, of which Uniqlo is a subsidiary. In January 2014 he was ranked 35th richest person in the world by Bloomberg, making him the richest man in Japan at the time with an estimated net worth of US$17.6 billion in 2014.
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'Woman from the Ice' - Austrian actress Susanne Wuest in the cover story of DIE PRESSE SCHAUFENSTER, photographed by Yannick SCHUETTE c/o FREDA+WOOLF

Austrian actress and Berlin resident Susanne Wuest appears in the film 'The Man from the Ice', based on the last days of the man who became known worldwide as the glacier mummy Ötzi. For "Das Schaufenster", the actress slips into stylish highlights of Winter 2018. Yannick SCHUETTE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographed actress Susanne Wuest for the cover story of DIE PRESSE SCHAUFENSTER. Styling was taken care of by Simon Winkelmüller, hair & make-up: Eva Dieckhoff c/o BIGOUDI. Find out more about Susanne Wuest under and find the complete interview gibt es on the net under: 

About - The Man from the Ice is a German/Italian/Austrian adventure film by Felix Randau, which celebrated its premiere on 8 August, 2017 as part of the International Film Festival of Locarno. The fictitious story of the film is set in prehistoric times in the Neolithic period and sheds light on the possible background of the death of Ötzi, who was discovered more than 5000 years later as a glacier mummy. Jürgen Vogel played the role of Kelab, whose mummified corpse was found in the Ötztal Alps almost 5300 years later and named Ötzi by archeologists. Susanne Wuest plays his partner Kisis who was killed in an attack.

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Happy-Sad-Balloon-Vintage-Print Looks... The playful PICNIK S/S 2018 Kids campaign photographed by Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF

Anouk NITSCHE photographed the new kids campaign with fun playful details for the kids label PICNIK from Barcelona in Barcelona. Styling was taken care of by Mafer Navas.

About - Picnik is a lovingly designed clothing line for children aged 3 months to 8 years. The collection consists of quality garments made from soft fabrics, comfortable shapes, trendy colors and something very special: delicious prints inspired by old illustrations, giving each piece of clothing a soft vintage feel. Picnik is a small brand made locally in Barcelona, and its creators hope to see it grow.
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