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At the speed of light into a new dimension: FRIENDLY FIRE produces the new commercial for ERSTE BANK and Jung v. Matt/Donau

FRIENDLY FIRE took care of 3D/CG in the new commercial for ERSTE BANK in Vienna (Film Production: MXR Productions, agency: Jung v. Matt/Donau).

“ERSTE BANK guides customers into a new dimension of payment. Common payment methods are enhanced by digital solutions. Friendly Fire symbolizes this paradigm shift with a tunnel that shows the way into a new age of payment. The ease of the spot – developed together with MXR productions – perfectly supports the bank´s forward-looking service offer.”
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Nibble, nibble, mousie... FRIENDLY FIRE conjures up a gingerbread house for the Xmas campaign of McDonald’s Austria in real-time technology with DDB Vienna

A McDonald’s store made of gingerbread is something you will only see on Christmas. With this particular attention to detail, Friendly Fire created a winter wonderland as the perfect warm-up for the holiday season. The gingerbread store also serves as an advent calendar, promising a surprise or two – all, of course, made of gingerbread.

For the first time, the entire advertising material – TV, print and POS – was produced using a game engine: The Unreal Engine from Epic Games. “This real-time technology delivers the highest level of flexibility in creating sets and finding the best camera movement because we no longer need to struggle with render time. This is real value for both 3D artists and creatives,” says Roman Saravia, Head of Innovation at Friendly Fire (3D/CG work: Friendly Fire, Image Editing/Color Grading: Malkasten, Music: Florian Machek-Tomasch).

We are an animation studio specialized in 3D and 2D animation, character design, visual effects and post production. Our team of creatives, 3D artists and tech geeks works on advertising and art projects for clients around the globe for small and big budgets.
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FRIENDLY FIRE breaks the rules and presents the ERSTE Bank student campaign with elaborate 3D simulations for Jung von Matt/Donau

FRIENDLY FIRE breaks the rules. Conventions have past, traditional behavior does not work anymore. ERSTE BANK’s latest campaign for students declares war on plain old payment and service processes. This approach is supported by sophisticated 3D simulations that highlight the liquidation of old-fashioned payment methods and their lack of feasibility.

“For us, it was quite exciting to support the campaign’s visual language by digging deep into our simulation box. For the spots, we then used liquid, cloth and finite element simulations.” Philipp Zaufel, Lead Visual Effects Artist at Friendly Fire, explains.

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