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Cuteness Alert! Rhino-Piggy and a Hamster in love - all in a spot for EBAY PLUS and the agency achtung! - directed by Corinna Winter with DOP Jonas Winter-Scholz c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT

60 seconds of wonderfully carefree fun with skateboarding turtles, love-hungry guinea pigs, fluffy ducklings, bat-kittens and a dachshund in the bathtub. Uber-cute is the spot for EBAY Plus, free premium online shop which brings stuffed animals, toys and wishes to life.

The spot was directed by Corinna WINTER, and the DOP was Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ, both c/o Fröhlich Management. 539090 Production ensured smooth operation on set. The agency was achtung! All participants really had loads of fun in front of and behind the camera which can be seen in the cheerful result, …
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'Share the good things in life' – the RAPELLI TV spot by Corinna WINTER and Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ, both c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT

Bonissimo! Director Corinna WINTER and DOP Jonas WINTER-SCHOLZ, both c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT, filmed the new RAPELLI commercial. 'Share the good things in life' is the claim – which refers to the Mastri Salumieri's world of delicacies with the typical atmosphere of the Tessin lifestyle, as promised on the website. The products are made by Mario Rapelli according to handed-down original recipes. He was the first Mastro Salumiere and has passed his philosophy from generation to generation. So – off to Bottega Rapelli! Production e+p.
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