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'I park my limo and stay here for immo' - Director Joschka LAUKENINKS c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT films Eddy's dream about a new appartment for IMMOWELT

Mosaic parquet, alpenglow, a horse in the hall, or a party on the shag rug? Why not? The message of the cool rap is after all: immo be where I really want to. FoxDevil Films produced the new, edgy IMMOWELT spot, which was directed by Joschka LAUKENINKS c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT. Space with no end – more than four walls – and presto, the search is over. Because never forget : immo find what makes me happy on :
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Cheaper than you think – director Joschka LAUKENINKS shoots MERCEDES Sprinter Spot

Cheaper than when your new dog attacks your furniture? A sprinter vehicle that delivers your new interiors. Director Joschka LAUKENINKS made two commercials for MERCEDES-BENZ extolling the benefits of the Classic Sprinter. Cobblestone Film Production oversaw both productions.
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Joschka LAUKENINKS shoots new commercials on OTTO’s keepsakes

Joschka LAUKENINKS directed mail order giant OTTO’s new commercials. Kitchen appliances by Bauknecht and Bosch are in focus, alongside short personal stories provided by their owners. Production by Bubbles Film, styling by Susanne KREYENFELD, also c/o FRÖHLICH.
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From MEDIA MARKT to samba market - footballer Dante advertises the new Combinho fan accessory. Direction by Joschka LAUKENINKS for Ogilvy Frankfurt

MEDIA MARKT is very excited for the World Cup in Brazil! Football player Dante once again dances through the aisles, directed by Joschka LAUKENINKS, and turn the shop into a samba party. This only happens in the daydream of a customer who wants to buy a drum. But it’s not just a drum – it’s a Combinho: a combination of rattle, drum and trumpet, which Media-Markt wants to establish as a trendy accessory for fans for the 2014 World Cup. Ogilvy Frankfurt developed the script and Wanda Germany carried out the production.
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