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news | Stills for ACCENTA as well as an OLYMPUS production by photographer Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION

Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION photographed in-store solution stills for the client ACCENTA. In 2008, ACCENTA developed the concept of making in-store radio with GEMA-free music more attractive for companies and revolutionized the market with this idea. Meanwhile, the portfolio of high-quality music across all genres by independent artists is more comprehensive than ever before, and the AUDIOLUTION and MUSICMANAGER systems have established themselves. Today, the dynamic, owner-managed company is also raising the bar in the area of digital signage with TVLUTION and INFOLUTION.

And on the streets of Hamburg, Stefan Grossjohann produced the people spread for the client OLYMPUS presented on GoSee.

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