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Stills for ACCENTA as well as an OLYMPUS production by photographer Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION

Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION photographed in-store solution stills for the client ACCENTA. In 2008, ACCENTA developed the concept of making in-store radio with GEMA-free music more attractive for companies and revolutionized the market with this idea. Meanwhile, the portfolio of high-quality music across all genres by independent artists is more comprehensive than ever before, and the AUDIOLUTION and MUSICMANAGER systems have established themselves. Today, the dynamic, owner-managed company is also raising the bar in the area of digital signage with TVLUTION and INFOLUTION.

And on the streets of Hamburg, Stefan Grossjohann produced the people spread for the client OLYMPUS presented on GoSee.
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Wolfgang STAUBER c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION was in Majorca for HESS NATUR, photographed for the agency NonFood in Cape Town and Tux, plus portrayed young stars from MUNICH MODELS

HESS NATUR was created out of love for children. When the son of Heinz and Dorothea Hess was born in 1976, one thing was clear for his parents: They wanted their child to grow up healthy – wearing natural baby clothes that were not treated with chemicals. Because the parents could not find anything to suit their standards, they took matters into their own hands. This marked the begin of Hess Natur, for which neighbors, friends and family presented the clothes in the first catalog. Packages were packed and bills were written in the basement of their family house. Friends came to help address catalogs. This time, Wolfgang STAUBER c/o GHP PHOTO & PRODUCTION took it to Majorca with HESS NATUR. Art Director Torsten Gatterdam and stylist Kaja Freund accompanied him to the island. Hair & make-up came from Dirk Neuhöfer.

Cape Town was the go-to destination for Wolfgang and the agency NonFood. Creative input on location for the production came from Michaela Krätsch-Schuberth. Hair & make-up on the golf course were in the hands of Josie MARTENS c/o BIGOUDI, and Robyn Nissen teamed up with FIRST PRODUCTIONS to ensure a smooth shoot in South Africa.

Serving as the perfect backdrop for Lidl's ski and snowboard collection was Hintertux with its wonderful snow-topped landscape. Together with Michaela Krätsch-Schubert once again from NonFood, Wolfgang was entirely in his element. Styling of the models came from Nicola Berger with hair & make-up by Carina Kristandt.

Just before that, Wolfgang was in Munich where he portrayed the young stars from modeling agency Munich Models. GoSee!
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'Red' in LUCY magazine - photographed by Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP Photo & Produktion

For LUCY magazine, Stefan GROSSJOHANN c/o GHP Photo & Produktion photographed model Jemma for the story 'Red'. On set too: stylist Yuliya Groeling as well as hair & make-up artist Helge BRANSCHEIDT c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER.
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